Disney Wants Mickey Mouse to Meet Nintendo’s Mario

By June 17, 2015

Although a recent deal was announced that would see Nintendo characters included in Universal theme parks, some fans and observers can make a decent case about the philosophies of Nintendo aligning more with the likes of Disney. Although Mario won’t be walking around Disneyland anytime soon, it seems, that doesn’t mean that the realm of interactive entertainment isn’t still on the table for the House of Mouse and the House of Mario.

According to IGN, Disney Interactive vice president of production John Vignocchi said that he’s hopeful that Nintendo characters — like Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, or Pikachu — could perhaps find their way into the Disney Infinity game series or some other title. With the recent announcement at E3 of Nintendo characters joining the popular Skylanders series, Vignocchi stated that he hopes a similar partnership between his company and the one run in Kyoto could be made possible some day. “Hopefully, the day Mario meets Mickey Mouse is not that far away,” he said.

Disney Interactive’s Avalanche Software vice president and general manager John Blackburn also joked that the partnership will come when Disney CEO Bob Iger purchases Nintendo.

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has stated numerous times in the past how Mickey Mouse has actively influenced both the creation and evolution of Mario, since Disney has been very effective in moving Mickey Mouse forward to make him just as iconic now as he was in previous decades. That philosophy has largely informed how Miyamoto and Nintendo at-large have tried to push Mario forward, since they see him as the “mickey Mouse of video games.”

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