Disney “Would Love” to Make Future ‘Indiana Jones’ Films

By December 12, 2014

When the news first broke in late 2012 that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm, the minds of the geek world were all collectively blown. Add to that the announcement of their intent to produce new feature films in the beloved Star Wars franchise, and you have an explosion of excitement not seen perhaps since the 1994 announcement of production on Star Wars Episode I. Still, one major franchise that Lucasfilm also has under its banner is the equally beloved Indiana Jones franchise, featuring the intrepid archaeologist Henry Jones, Jr. courageously journeying across the world in search of “fortune and glory,” and maybe some knowledge along the way.

While news of a fifth Indiana Jones film has been minimal since the release of 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Disney CEO Bob Iger gave some lip service to the other major Lucasfilm franchise in a recent conversation with Variety. Tweeting details from his conversation with Iger, Variety reporter Marc Graser sent out a particularly telling one. See it below.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Star Wars is the priority for Disney, but “pacing” themselves when it comes to the next Indiana Jones adventure could cause problems. Namely, problems for the film series’ most identifiable star. Although returning as Han Solo in next December’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford will be turning 73 this summer. Of course, Ford’s capability as an actor regardless of his age is far from the issue.

Was it very good? No, not really. Was it awesome seeing Ford play Indy again? Yes, absolutely.

Was it very good? No, not really. Was it awesome seeing Ford play Indy again? Yes, absolutely.

When a movie studio says that they would like to “pace themselves,” that could mean talking about delaying a new project perhaps 10 years or more. The Disney Star Wars roll out will not only consist of Episodes VII-IX, but will also include several spin-off films featuring other prominent characters from the Star Wars universe. Could they be waiting that long before considering a new entry in the Indiana Jones series?

Given Iger’s comments on the matter, its possible that they could be looking to reinvent the franchise with an entirely new cast at some point down the line, since it’s hard to believe that Ford will be up to playing the famed adventurer when he’s pushing eighty years old. Again, not that he couldn’t do it, but would he want to?

Speaking personally, I agree with a lot of the negative criticisms leveled at Crystal Skull for its story and overall direction. Still, I can’t deny the fact that it was downright incredible to see Ford play Dr. Jones once again. I will always be up for Ford to play that character no matter how old he is, and I’m sure millions of other fans feel the same way. In the end, we’ll just have to hope that when Disney talks about “pacing themselves,” that means doing so quickly with Harrison Ford in the picture.

Ford can next be seen in the romance film The Age of Adaline, due out in April of 2015. After that, he’ll reprise his role as Han Solo for the first time in 32 years in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For more on the possible development of a new Indiana Jones film, keep it locked on GeekNation.

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