Disney’s Re-Release Of ‘The Little Mermaid’ Will Encourage iPad Use in Theaters

By September 12, 2013


Disney’s classic film The Little Mermaid will be re-released on September 20 and as a mother of little ones, this is news that definitely excites me. Yay! But not so fast with the yays…Disney is actually encouraging the use of iPads during screenings. I know, right? Because apparently viewing a movie in a theater full of little children isn’t already distracting enough?

Disney has created an app called “Second Screen Live” that will allow viewers to, according to their website:

“Interact with the film, play games, sing along, find new surprises, and compete with the audience.”

Games include titles such as “Scuttle Scope,” “Mer-maze,” and “Sea Scrambler” and will have real-time score keeping. Children will also be encouraged to a sing along with onscreen lyrics. Okay, that part might be kind of cute. BUT STILL!

The good news is that only select theaters will be participating in the interactive experiment, so the rest of us can maybe just go see the movie with the normal distractions of kids crying, people yapping, and grandmas constantly opening up their Werther’s Originals.

The Second Screen Live technology isn’t exactly new; it was offered before with Oz The Great and Powerful and Bambi, but those were for at-home screenings. The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live app is the first one designed for use in public theaters.

Is this a good idea? I can’t tell if I’m just being a grump because I went to Disneyland last week and there was a kid playing a game on an iPad the whole time I was trying to enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here’s look at the absolute horror of it all:

I’m so “You kids get off of my lawn!” right now.

What do you think of this idea? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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  • Aidan Torpy

    They should give free ipads for people who go watch. I would watch in 100 times if they did.