‘Doctor Strange’ Sneak Peek Shows Off Crazy New Concept Art

By September 6, 2016

With the year barreling closer and closer to being over already, Marvel is going to start kicking the promotion for Doctor Strange into high-gear soon, and the first new taste from the since (since that SDCC trailer from July) comes thanks to the Captain America: Civil War Digital release, which features the new Doctor Strange included sneak peek titled, “Open Your Mind: Marvel’s Doctor Strange“.

The sneak peek doesn’t give that much more insight into the film itself, or its characters really, though it does continue to hint at Dormamu’s presence in the film, and his possible seduction of Mads Mikkselsen’s Kaecilius and the other villains of the film.

Above all else though, it offers a new look at some crazy new concept art from the film. Check them out below:

doctorstrangeconceptart1-198411 doctorstrangeconceptart3-198410 doctorstrangeconceptart4-198409 doctorstrangeconceptart5-198408 doctorstrangeconceptart6-198407 doctorstrangeconceptart7-198406 doctorstrangeconceptart8-198405 doctorstrangeconceptart9-198404 doctorstrangeconceptart10-198403 doctorstrangeconceptart11-198402 doctorstrangeconceptart12-198401

In addition to new looks at the film’s already incredible-looking mystical sequences and battles, the featurette and concept art also teases a little bit more from The Sorcerer Supreme’s Sanctum Sanctorum, which looks like nothing more than a New York City brownstone from the outside, but in all actuality is a bridge to between many different realities.

Marvel has yet to release the full featurette online, but you can check it out for yourself with the Digital HD release or Blu Ray in a few weeks.

Doctor Strange is set to hit theatres on November 4th.

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