Doctor Who: The Doctor and Rose Go To The Olympics (Part I)

By July 30, 2012

Author’s Note: In 2006, Doctor Who debuted “Fear Her,” an episode based around the 2012 London Olympics. The following is a work of fan fiction, and is the first part of a series of short stories imagining the Doctor and Rose’s experiences at the 2012 Olympic Games.

“Now this…this is ridiculous.” The Doctor crossed his arms and frowned. “I’m sure I have some food in my pockets. Bigger on the inside—did I tell you that, Rose? Could fit an entire year’s worth of food in here!”

They had been waiting in the queue for forty-three minutes and fifteen seconds. Patience never had been the Doctor’s strong suit. Nearly fifteen minutes in, he had begun hopping from foot to foot, bouncing up and down in place, until someone had asked if he was doing warm-ups. Abashed, he’d shoved his hands in his deep pockets and tried to stay still.

It hadn’t worked.

“Or,” he continued, “Could go back to the TARDIS and skip ahead to the end of the queue! No, no, no—that wouldn’t work—we’d lose our place.”

“Doctor, we’re almost there, yeah? Jus’ a few more people. An’ then you can fill up those pockets of yours with enough food t’ last us the rest of the Games.” Rose smiled up at him, her tongue peeking out playfully between her teeth.

“Sorry!” A voice boomed out ahead. “I’m afraid we’ve just sold our last meal. The rest of the queue will have to move to another vendor.”

A collective groan reverberated throughout the crowd, and Rose’s smile fell away. “I was hopin’ t’ get some chips,” she said, grimacing. “That line over there’s gonna be at least another hour.”

“Right. Hold on.” The Doctor reached into his pocket and, grinning, pulled out a jar of orange marmalade. “Took it from Chloe Webber’s house. Should keep us going a bit longer.”

“You’re not gonna eat it with your fingers again, yeah?” Rose asked nervously.

“’Course not!” he exclaimed, affronted. “Brought something to eat it with this time! I have got…bananas. Two of them. One banana each. Never tried it with marmalade before, but I’m sure it’ll taste brilliant! Bananas are good, Rose,” he said, quite seriously. “Never go anywhere without them.”