Doctor Who: Pond Life: Part I

By August 28, 2012

If you haven’t seen the first episode of this Doctor Who webisode mini-series, go watch it now. It’s a short, but hilarious look at the Doctor’s solo adventures.

And now, for a quick crash course in what the Doctor’s been up to without the Ponds…

Only the Doctor would take a surfboard to the fire falls…


Those are Mata Hari’s naked legs…Tsk, Doctor, what would River think?

The Doctor’s newest career: Back-up rapper.


And, back home, the poor Ponds have a drink as the Doctor regales them with tales of his adventures…via answering machine.

Since the Doctor refuses to tell anyone his real name, what should his rapper name be? Lil’ Doc? Biggie Bow Tie? Something else? Or is he still ‘just the Doctor?’ You decide!