Doctor Who Recap: “Bells of Saint John: Prequel”

By March 25, 2013

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a gander at the new Doctor Who prequel, and then enjoy the recap below!


A sad man in tweed and a bowtie sits alone on a park swing, staring at his feet. A little girl approaches, sitting on the swing beside him. She asks him if he’s a strange man–the kind her mum doesn’t want her talking to. He laughs and says he’s way past strange.

A wry smile crosses his face as she asks if he’s lonely. She cheerfully proceeds to tell him that she’s always losing things–from her best pencil to her mojo. He admits he’s lost his friend; he’s been wandering about the universe, hoping to bump into her again. He thought destiny (or perhaps his meddling TARDIS?) might lead him back to her, but he’s starting to give up.

Destiny might be “rubbish” in little Clara Oswald’s eyes, but the Doctor has found her once again…even if he doesn’t realize it. She goes back to her mother, blithely admitting that she’d defied her by talking to a stranger, and her mum chides her…using her full name just out of the Doctor’s earshot.