‘Doctor Who’ Recap: “Kill The Moon”

By October 5, 2014

Did a ‘Doctor Who’ episode just turn into an abortion debate?

It was hard to miss the blaring subtext. The Doctor, Clara, Courtney, and a female astronaut named Lundvik discover that the moon is, in fact, a hatching egg…and that the creature’s birth may have a devastating impact on the planet Earth.

doctor who kill the moon 1

Lundvik, fearing for humanity’s future, wants to kill it.

“It’s a little baby,” Courtney says, and it’s impossible not to think of the pro-life movement’s language surrounding the unborn.

doctor who kill the moon 6

“Womankind” gets to make this decision, says the Doctor, who disappears with the TARDIS. “Some decisions are too important not to make on your own.”

The Doctor seemingly wants to respect humanity/a woman’s right to choose, but he’s also very clear after the fact that choosing life was the right decision.

Clara is utterly furious. The Doctor is her friend, and he — basically — abandoned her. He forced her to make an impossible decision: the life of one being versus the potential destruction of her entire planet. And this, for Clara, is the final straw.

doctor who kill the moon 2

She (rightfully) snaps at the Doctor in what is probably the most powerful, most human scene of the entire season thus far.

He’s utterly dumbfounded. “That was me allowing you to make a choice about your own future. That was me respecting you.”

doctor who kill the moon 3

Clara, though, doesn’t feel respected. She feels let down. She asked the Doctor for help, and her plea fell on deaf ears.

He protests that it wasn’t his decision to make (because, for once, apparently, he wants to stay out of history’s way). After all, the Earth isn’t really his home…even if he does seem to spend the bulk of his time there.

Clara’s had enough. She tells him to leave and never come back, and storms out of the TARDIS crying.

But can she really stay away from the Doctor? Danny doesn’t think so. “You can never finish with anyone while they can still make you angry,” he says kindly.

doctor who kill the moon 4

Judging by the preview, next week’s episode seems to be absent Clara altogether. Can the Doctor’s relationship with Clara survive this week’s tumult?