‘Doctor Who’ Recap: “Night Of The Doctor”

By November 14, 2013


The “Doctor Who” team lied to the world…and what a brilliant lie it was.

Watch the “Night of the Doctor” 50th anniversary minisode below:

Paul McGann made his return today, playing the Doctor onscreen for the first time since the failed 1996 television film.


McGann, who has continued to play the Doctor in audio dramas, made reference to his numerous off-screen companions. And, finally, we get a glimpse of what happened to change the Doctor into a Warrior.

The Doctor answers a distress call from a young pilot named Cass, whose ship is about to crash into Karn. He tries to bring her into the TARDIS, but she balks; he’s a Time Lord, and therefore untrustworthy.


“Look on the bright side,” he says, “I’m not a Dalek.”

“Who can tell the difference anymore?” she shoots back…and, having seen Rassilon in “The End of Time,” it’s hard to disagree with her.


Despite his claims that he has had nothing to do with the Time War (a big revelation!), Cass rejects the Doctor’s help and seals herself into the front of the ship. Ever the good man, he refuses to leave her, and crashes with her into the planet below.


There, the Sisterhood of Karn awaits him, preparing an elixir to transform him into the man who will end the War. They revive him from the dead – he didn’t regenerate on his own – and offer him a new life.


Interestingly, they refer to regeneration as “Time Lord science,” not biology…and claim that they have an even better grasp of it on Karn.


“The change,” Ohila, the leader of the Sisterhood, tells him, “doesn’t have to be random.” The Doctor can this time choose his fate, and, with great reluctance, he chooses Warrior. He throws away his title of “Doctor,” for the universe no longer needs a healer, but a destroyer.


And with that, he rejects all that he is, and becomes, as John Hurt is now billed, “The Warrior Doctor.”