Doctor Who Recap: “The Great Detective”

By November 16, 2012

And so the countdown to the annual Doctor Who Christmas special begins!

If you haven’t taken a look at it yet, check out the BBC Children in Need minisode now and read no further.

Seen it? Great! Here’s the low-down on “The Great Detective,” a prequel to next month’s newest installment of our beloved British cult classic!

It’s a dark, snowy night in Victorian London, and the Paternoster Gang has gathered. A lizard woman, her beautiful assistant, and a hideously disfigured man…otherwise known as Madame Vastra, Jenny, and the Sontaran Commander Strax!

The Doctor may have once again lost his best friends and tried to disappear from the myths and records of the known universe…but that doesn’t mean there’s no one left to care about him. His old friends have come to call, trying to cheer him up with a new adventure.

But the Doctor isn’t himself. He may have a funny new hat, but his bow-tie and tweed look is gone, and he’s decked out Victorian-style. He’s quit the world saving business…or, perhaps, the world doesn’t need saving. The dire situations his friends have laid out before him? A meteorite, a drunken man professing his plans to drill through the Earth’s core, and Strax’s desire to invade the moon (There is no better time to strike, after all, than before it becomes inhabited).

The Doctor disappears into the night, moody and alone (isn’t he always after the loss of a beloved companion?). But wait! There’s more: A trailer for this year’s Christmas special, entitled “The Snowmen.”

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman give the episode and her character’s (re)introduction an ominous preface: Jenna-Louise can’t possibly be playing the same character she did in “Asylum of the Daleks.” Or can she?

Sound off! Who is Clara, and how might she be related to the Dalek-ified Oswin Oswald? What did you think of the Doctor’s new look? Are you excited to see some familiar faces gearing up for the Christmas special?