Doctor Who: Spring 2013 Trailer

By January 3, 2013

If you’ve yet to see it, check out the trailer for part two of Doctor Who’s seventh series, returning this April.

So, what’s in store for this coming demi-season?

We see the return of a few familiar faces, with Strax, Jenny, and Madame Vastra back in the mix.

The Doctor travels by plane, boat, and motorcycle–and at least two out of the three look to be disastrous!

And–spoilers for “The Snowmen” if you haven’t seen it yet–The Doctor may not be the only one interested in the mystery of Clara; not only is there a painting of her, but someone else knows that she’s “the woman twice dead.”

Plus, a look at the new design for the Cybermen in Neil Gaiman’s much anticipated episode.

We’ve also got a spectre, a group of faceless monstrocities, an explosion…and the Doctor with a cyborg look.

What are you most anticipating? The return of the Cybermen? The Doctor flying a plane (when he can barely fly the TARDIS)? The truth about Clara? Let us know!