DVD Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Blade Runner and more…

By October 25, 2012

Here’s what to watch this weekend if you crave the newest of the new. But not in theaters.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — The popular comic book becomes a movie, and I liked it. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but that’s hardly a fair criticism of a film with this tone, title, and premise! (Ahem. Sorry. Here’s my FEARnet review.) Extra goodies include several featurettes, a motion comic thingy, and an audio commentary with author/screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith. I’m certainly not ready to call this flick a “future cult classic,” but I do think it nails the tone it’s going for, wheres a movie like, say Van Helsing couldn’t even get out of the gate.


Blade Runner (30th Anniversary Edition) — You’ll never hear me say that Blade Runner is not a brilliant science fiction film, but this movie has been re-issued more on home video more times than a celebrity porn scandal. The 30th Anniversary 4-disc edition has a few more bells and whistles than the “definitive” set from a few years back, but let’s be honest here. If you’re a DVD/blu-ray collector and you don’t already own Blade Runner, you may have just lost your Geek Nation cred.


Magic Mike — Male strippers with hearts! I still haven’t seen the movie, which I hear is surprisingly good, but I haven’t been able to get over the trailer, which makes Magic Mike look exactly like a Cocktail remake. But then you see Steven Soderbergh’s name as director and the dismissive part of your inner movie geek starts to have second thoughts. Or at least it should.


Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview — If Steve Jobs doesn’t warrant a mention at “Geek Nation,” I’ll eat a hat. Or at least a very bad pizza.


Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines — Yep, part 5! And guess who’s seen them all! (This one has lots of gore and is more silly than scary, but hey, I know lots of horror geeks who like splatter movies just fine.)

Dracula, Frankenstein, and Bride of Frankenstein — Single-movie editions for those who didn’t want to be bothered with the full-set blu-ray awesomeness of the Universal Monsters package.

Catalog blus: I, Robot, which will surely look pretty even if it’s dumber than a box of rocks, Quantum of Solace, which you should not revisit because it doesn’t get better, and Casino Royale, which is just the opposite: it’s still one kick-ass 007 entry.

Next week: not a whole lot besides a Will Ferrell political farce, a re-issue of the amazing Rosemary’s Baby, and something truly gross-looking called “A Christmas Story Part 2,” if you can believe that crap!

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