Dwarfs!? Real Time Strategy Game Review!

By June 26, 2012

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Dwarfs!? we go!
So grab your crap and miner’s cap,
hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!

In a nutshell: Dwarfs!? is a single-player, real time strategy game about managing your resources and exploration.

Constructing fortresses, warding off goblins, preventing cave-ins – Dwarfs!? lets you do all of these things and more. Loosely inspired by the Dwarf Fortress PC games of yesteryear, Dwarfs!? provides a myriad number of options to modify your gold-mining, tunnel-digging experience. You can play the game as a fast-paced, death-may-come-at-any-second type arcade game or a more languid, long-term game focused on maintaining your base and the Dwarven population through proper management of your workers and economy.

Game features: Arcade mode – featuring randomly generated challenges, comprises a bulk of the gameplay. Rush mode – a really fast version of the normal game. Base Defense mode – Dwarfs!?’s take on the tower defense genre. Dark mode – where the game is really dark. Lastly, we have sandbox mode, which lets the player decide the exact kind of game that he or she wants to play.

Overall, Dwarfs!? is a fun, colorful, and surprisingly deep real time strategy game.

You should play this game if you enjoy the RTS genre but don’t necessarily want to compete against other players directly, or you want to focus more on exploration and dealing with natural disasters than fighting swarms of enemies.

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