Dwayne Johnson Set to Star in Earthquake Disaster Film, ‘San Andreas’

By October 15, 2013


Frankly speaking, it’s about damn time that Dwayne (yes, “The Rock”) Johnson booked a headlining role in a disaster flick (we’re not counting The Other Guys, but you can if you want to). If John Cusack can lead a film about global disaster, surely Johnson can too, and it seems that he’s (finally) about to do just that.

THR reports that Johnson has signed a deal to star in New Line’s San Andreas, an earthquake disaster film that (we assume) has a little something to do with the famed San Andreas fault line in California. The outlet reports that the film “is set after a devastating earthquake hits California and centers on a rugged rescue-helicopter pilot (Johnson) making a perilous trip across the state to rescue his estranged daughter.” How perilous can it be if he’s a pilot? It’s not like the guy is a big rig driver. (He already did that earlier this year in Snitch.)


The film will mark a reunion of sorts for Johnson, as his Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director, Brad Peyton, is helming this new feature. While the pair’s last film together was, well, disaster-ish, it was set on a “mysterious island” (obviously) and its big booms and bigger explosions weren’t rooted in reality. (This was a film that saw Johnson riding a giant bee, for crying out loud.) Seeing the pair take on a traditional “oops, natural disaster!” film shouldn’t be too big a stretch for them, and the results should be at least entertaining.

San Andreas’ first script came from Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore, though Chad and Carey Hayes (The Conjuring) are currently working on a new pass at it.

The film is set to start filming in April, with a potential release date sometime in 2015. Johnson has charisma for days, but do you think he’ll be able to successfully lead a disaster movie? Sound off below.

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