E3 2015: It’s Seven Minutes In Heaven As “Gears 4” Shows Off The Goods

By June 16, 2015

During Monday’s Xbox E3 press briefing, the long-rumored (and for fans like me), hotly anticipated Gears Of War 4 – known as “Gears 4,” – made its debut with nearly seven minutes of beautiful gameplay footage.

Sadly, Gears 4 isn’t set for release until late 2016 BUT a mere $40 will get you the Gears Of War Ultimate Edition AND early beta access to Gears 4…not too shabby! I already own all four titles but as it’s in my top 2 of “Fave VG Franchises,” AND the Ultimate Edition will have “new improved split-screen for co-op and versus modes, I’m SO buying this.

Two COGs, a sh&*load of phosphorescent pods and a new strain. Don’t care how, I WANT IT NOW.



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Cricket Lee
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  • Katey

    YES!! I was hoping there’d be info on something Gears related at E3, but 7 whole minutes of Gameplay?? What a treat! I can’t wait for Beta access!

  • Andy Spears

    7 minutes in heaven indeed.. GOW – best games ever.. Pretty sure 4 will be the best one yet too!

  • Jane Keating

    what a day at E3, wonder how they will top it in the following days, I am sure they will though!

  • USAjoe

    I just can’t wait to see the Gears Multiplayer.. am so getting the beta too.. this is what Halo should be doing too!