EA & Visceral to Produce Open World RPG ‘Star Wars’ Game!

By December 15, 2015

The cat is out of the bag, and EA developer Visceral Games has pretty much confirmed their next Star Wars title is going to be an open world action RPG. Check out the full ad below and follow this link if you’ve got the design chops for what promises to be a very complex (and awesome) job!

Heading up this project is former Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond. Joining her is Uncharted writer Amy Hennig. To say there is some power behind this game is an understatement. Those who wished for a more detailed story mode in Star Wars: Battlefront, should be smiling from ear to ear, because these two have experience with content rich games that have major story arcs.

Take a look at the opening description and tell me you are not the least bit excited:


Star Wars: Battlefront is a beast in digital sales. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is dominating ticket sales. The Star Wars marketing engine is spinning like a top and it will not stop anytime soon. Expect more games, more toys, and more… well… everything as long as Disney/Lucas Film can make money off licensing rights. This Geek will eat it all up until the ride is over.

The chance to play a modern tech, Star Wars RPG is mind numbing.The story-lines Visceral can borrow from are almost infinite. Can you imagine a game where you are just exploring Jakku, or Hoth, or Coruscant? Oh the possiblities, we’ll have to wait for further details. For now, off the Battlefront to play as Vader and crush some rebel scum for an hour or two…

So for everyone out there in the Nation, what do you think? Are you up for an RPG Star Wars experience? Or, are you tired of all the mass marketing? Tell us what you think – and you can do so in the comments below!

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Cory Naught
Cory Naught is a writer, producer, radio talent, and and all around super geek. Originally from a small town called Phoenix, Oregon he is amazed by things like stop lights and escalators. Kidding. A huge tech guy, movie fan and gamer to boot. Find him at CoryNaught.com Tweet @corynaught
  • Ethan

    Rather than bringing us an “Open World” game I think they should go for something bigger. Maybe an “Open Solar System” game? Galaxy? ???

    • Oh man! Love that idea! Can you imagine hopping in an X-Wing and hitting lightspeed to explore everything? #IWantThatGame

      • Daniel Guzewich

        That would be amazing jumping to lightspeed and maybe have player cities with factional bases. Too bad this hasn’t been done before. Then EA can totally ruin it with the jedi class.

        • Ethan

          Interesting but not Star Wars. I’ll check it out more when I’m not at work. Shhhh!

        • Luke Cady

          Just a jump to lightspeed and it’s a whole new game experience… enhancement even.

        • Geoff Bones Jensen

          All of this you are talking about already exists! It’s called “Star Wars The Old Republic”, not to be confused with “Knights of The Old Republic”. It’s awesome, you can try it for free. Stop dreaming, google it. Been playing for years.

          • Etharian

            Geez you are truly delusional , pushing SWTOR like its good? it was terrible, failed release, failed engine, failed game on rails. no massive open world battles on major cities just pure battlegrounds and instances. that is not a star wars game, but if you want to keep telling yourself that go ahead, you are just in denial and wasting your money.

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            Are you seriously posting a response to a comment made a week ago? While your entitled to your opinion, just do me a favor and respect mine as well. Let it go dude, you obviously didn’t read all my comments or else you would know I haven’t played it in a year. To top it all off you have no real frame of reference to the conversation since you weren’t involved from the beginning. Thanks for the insult anyway?

            BTW- According to SWTOR’s monthly log count, there are roughly 1,000,000 individual users that log and play every month as of Jan 7, 2015. That # doesn’t include the F2P users, so I think you may be a little off saying that the game is a failure. Next time research before you make outlandish statements, that would be my suggestion.

            Thanks again for the opinion, have a great week 🙂

        • Cory Naught

          I think the folks they have working on it are pretty solid. I hope they take their time. I know the first reaction is to jump on the hype train but hey. It’s Star Wars they hype train is going with one film a year.

      • thetrooper1989


      • Barid

        If you think that sounds awesome, check out No Man’s Sky.

    • Jason Tate

      That is already in production, just not under the same IP. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/

    • Geoff Bones Jensen

      That’s what SWTOR is. Try it free.

      • Not really. I have played SWTOR. It’s more like a single player game with some multiplayer elements. If you’re a subscriber, you can solo most of the game. You can do it with a free account, but it takes more time. The end content isn’t interesting enough to keep me in it. The space content is… meh.

        • Geoff Bones Jensen

          You didn’t play correctly. Yes, the space missions suck but they have zero effect on story. I subscribed for 3 years. Let’s see, 32man teams on planet wide conquests (Gree Event on Illum), guild controlled war zones, constant expansions (now free). It really doesn’t get more immersive than that dude. And you can’t complete it for free chief. F2P stops @ lvl 55.
          What game where you playing?

          • Kyle Larsen

            The pile of hot garbage you actually have to buy action bars in because it was debased to basically being a fucking freemium mobile app for your PC.

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            No, that would be “Knights of The Old Republic”. Which was for X-box. “Star Wars The Old Republic” is a PC only based game. Why are you people even discussing SW games if none of you know one game from another? You fail at being a geek. Hard.

          • Tuskin38

            What, nothing he said in his post could be applied to KOTOR. Everything he said was related to SWTOR.

            KOTOR wasn’t free, you didn’t buy action bars for it.

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            I’m assuming he’s talking about the KOTOR mobile game. It’s in the platform, used to cost $10, but now its free. I was also confused about the comment.

          • Tuskin38

            He was comparing it to F2P Mobile games

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            That’s what I thought, I meant to say playstore (auto correct). I don’t know what that had to do with the topic of discussion.

          • Meh, I have been subbed, on and off(Actually since Beta). The reality is that SWTOR is far more of an SPRPG than it is MMO. And no. it doesn’t stop at 55. You can purchase the expansion if you want. By free, I mean “not subbed.”

            And don’t mistake me calling it an SPRPG with some Multiplayer for calling it crap. It’s possibly one of the best RPG’s out there, but then… The sky’s blue, grass is green, water’s wet, and Bioware makes good RPG. Planetwide conquests… Gee, guess that falls under “some multiplayer content”

            But as an MMO… meh, You don’t really have a need to go to other players. Not like old school SWG did. You can’t build cities and quite frankly anyone can be a great crafter. Not at all like the original SWG. It took persistence, and patience to find the right materials to make your perfect gear. Crafting in SWTOR… it’s tacked on like an afterthought. Compare it to SWG’s crafting and it’s mind numbingly simple. But then again, it’s not SWG. And while it’s a very good game, it has far more in common with SPRPG than MMO.

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            All good points

          • SWG post NGE was more of an MMO than SWTOR. And I much prefer the Pre-CU. There are emulators out there, and if they would just get the JTL content up and running, I’d leave the SWG Reborn NGE revival(it’s actually built using the source code of NGE) alone. I WISH they would bring back a true MMO. Something that makes you WANT to go work with other players. The combat roles are important for an MMO, but far more important are the NON-combat players. It’s that stuff you do when you aren’t running around killing things that makes an MMO awesome. We knew which crafters were the best at various things. I made the fastest crafted engines on the server. My POB engines were pushing 140-150 range with a 75 YPR. They were my “Fast Falcon” Engines.

            I think that’s what really hurts SWTOR in my opinion. I spent a lot of time decorating my shop, and all that. I would log on my combat toons once or twice for every ten times I logged in my crafters. And of course JTL was the big winner for me. Even my non-combat characters could do the space stuff. And that was FAR more entertaining than the space PVP or rails PVE content in SWTOR…

          • Terallian

            Fair bit off there. Conquest is pretty awful, the max team size is 24 and the expansions aren’t quite ‘free’. F2P stops at level 50, too.

            SWTOR’s a great game and all, and I’ve only stopped playing recently due to the developers turning it into a single-player game with minor (in comparison) multiplayer features and absolutely zero co-op story content, but at least get your facts right when fighting for it!

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            You do know that you can run 2 teams of 16 in some cases (non conquest) right? And, I said nothing about there being “Co-op story missions”. Yes, I did say there was a lvl cap of 55 for non subs, which is only partially true. You can sub and cap @55, the Revan expansion is not free buy it gets you to a cap of 65. My “free expansion” comment was more directed @ the KOFE. You should already know all of this so I don’t understand the call out. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply, I appreciate your need for clarification.

          • Terallian

            That’s two 16-person teams. That is not “32man teams”. And F2P =/= preferred/previously subbed. Thus, F2P cap is 50, not 55. Buying SoR gets you to the level cap of 60, not 65. While the expansion is free, it does require a subscription. It’s free*

            *with an asterisk

            And no problem, just wanted to make sure the right information is out there.

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            I concede, you are 100% correct.

          • @Geoff Bones Jensen

            After reading multiple of your comments, and then reading you subscribed to SWTOR for 3 years, it seems like you may be defending your purchase. Essentially trying to avoid buyer’s remorse.

            Also, you’ve called out people for having a bad attitude and not being mature, maybe you should go back and reread all of your comments to see if that was hypocritical of you.

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            No buyers remorse for me, sorry. I got nasty with ONE person who came after me first, please don’t paint that broad stroke.

    • Erogroth

      SWTOR is good but its not “open world” enough. I love SWTOR and still play it but I would like to see more of a Sand Box style Star Wars game with good content. Thing Star Wars Galaxies before Sony did the NGE (new game experience) but with lots more content. Star Wars is huge and versatile and it needs a game that reflects that.

    • Smirking_Revenge

      Mass Effect did just that.

      I’d think BioWare would be perfectly capable of making this game considering the success of Mass Effect and they’ve also made Star Wars games in the past. I wonder why they were cut out of this.

    • crimson b.

      I think that is what they mean when they say open world. It would be stupid to miss an opportunity like a massive open galaxy rpg. It would be a game that has never been done before. Imagine an entire galaxy to be explored, dozens of solar systems, numerous planets, hundreds of characters (new ones and old ones and some undiscovered), weapons, vehicles, joining friends online, unimaginable space for expansions , and so much more! I would definitely buy a game like that!

      • Ethan

        It would be expensive!

  • K.L

    EA will find a way to ruin it.

    • Jesse Worden

      I agree. EA ruins everything Star Wars.

      • WubWub

        EA ruins everything the touch period.

        • Geoff Bones Jensen

          Then don’t buy it and they’ll be forced to change. Complaining after purchase is mute.

          • WubWub

            I haven’t bought an EA game in a few years so I think I’ve done good about that, consider shutting the fuck up with your lame and oh so wise “don’t like it, don’t buy it” comments next time, k?

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            Good for you, and a very mature response, troll. So is there an actual point to your comment or, are you a liar who’s only mad because the logic is right in front of your face and you’re too stupid to see it? Truth hurts scooter, go back to the playground while the adults finish talking. I don’t go down to your job and smack the dick out of your mouth, so why don’t you save it for after you lose your virginity.

          • WARNING: Geoff, keep it clean.

          • WubWub

            lol, how am I a liar? What exactly has EA been doing good in the last few years? Since they purchased Bioware their games have gone downhill and rush the fuck out of them, same with DICE , they ruined Dead Space, they’ve fucked with Need For Speed so much to the point no one gives a shit about it, they have terrible practices, etc. So, again, what the fuck have they been doing right exactly?

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            No, not again. I’m really not interested in continuing a “flagged conversation” with you at this point. So you win, I’m an idiot, my life is a failure compared to yours, and you are the alpha and omega of video game opinions. I hope you feel fulfilled and and validated. You shouldn’t lose anymore sleep now! Have a nice week, high 5 a stranger, cause you are #1. Woo-hoo!

          • WubWub

            lol, yes, I can clearly see how mature you are and how childish I am here. You’ve truly added so much, from your oh so great “don’t like it, don’t buy it” comment to this sad little display of yours that you seem to be proudly showing off.


          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            Why are you still talking? You win, walk away, happy holidays.

          • WubWub


          • WARNING: WubWub, that kind of attack is not welcome here. Frustrated or not, keep it cool.

      • Geoff Bones Jensen

        SWTOR is awesome, it’s the only good EA star wars product. Ever.

    • Thommas Lopes


    • BearerOfHarshWords

      I thought Battlefront even with its lack of story, was a great game. EA are a lot better than they were 2 years ago. But haters gonna hate on EA because it is cool, I guess.

      • Christian M. Goyette

        Was. As in for the one – two days you found it entertaining before moving on because it was lacking all the content.

      • Andy Zuck

        We don’t hate on EA because it’s “cool,” we hate on EA because they suck ass now like the rest of the once great companies of the past. Remember when Konami used to be good? Remember when Capcom used to be good? Remember when EA used to be good?

      • Cory Naught

        EA distributes games and owns several developers. DICE, those folks that make Battlefield. Along with Visceral and EA Sports. I understand peoples anger it is easy to want what the past gave us. Times change EA, Activision/Blizzard, and so many other studio are having to adapt to a very competitive market that is being dominated by cheap addictive cell phone games. Publishers are adapting strategies to fit market demands. Is it wrong. YES. Is it going to keep happening, because we aren’t exactly not buying their games. YES as well.

    • Cory Naught

      Visceral Game under the EA umbrella that is important to point out. Battlefront is DICE under EA as well. These are two very different developers.

    • Geoff Bones Jensen

      Have you played SWTOR? How did they “ruin” that.

      • Austen Gasparro

        SWTOR was buggy and unfinished for over a year and is literally a WoW Clone. It had no endgame content for a long time, and the only reason to play it was to play the story, which you had to have a subscription for. Would’ve preferred KOTOR 3.

        • Geoff Bones Jensen

          It’s all personal preference. I love SWTOR and won’t touch WOW, it just doesn’t interest me. I’m not saying SWTOR is the greatest game ever,my comments were in response to the overall

          • Vito Delmonte

            SWTOR sucks pretty much now days. I had played it for 2 years by now and it keeps sucking by each update and stream they do. Deal with it.

            They feel more like a company that makes content for money rather than love and passion.

            PS: I quited after the last stream. That was a damn joke and a slap in the face to all who had been supported the game for years. I don’t give a damn anyways. Nobody will miss me, but I just opened my eyes and realize that I was giving away my money to a bunch of people that barely give a damn about us.

            I didn’t come here to argue, I pretty much don’t care what you think. I just want to share my opinion about Star Wars The Old Republic and let the people that haven’t played it what you will expect there. Bad art, repetitive story, lies beyond promotions and an amazing lack of communication towards the community. Plus and most of all. You will find the most toxic and annoying community in and out game. The forums are a joke as it is pretty much the chat in-game. I am so done with that game.

            Have fun!

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            And I’ve had nothing but success with their support, they’ve gone above and beyond to help me several times.
            So you’ve had bad experiences and I’ve had good, I don’t think that’s really letting people know “what to expect”.
            I also am not here to argue, but your rhetoric is still only based on your experience. Hardly a measuring stick for overall sample size of accurate results. Still, you’re entitled to it.
            All the chat complaints you have are easily solved, turn off general chat! You’ll also find if you don’t have a shitty attitude, like yours, their customer service is outstanding. Maybe don’t ask for the world and show a little empathy for what they can actually do for you?

  • James Plank

    I just want a game similar to skyrim but in the star wars universe.is that so much to ask??

  • Kyle Larsen

    This isn’t redemption. A full final product seen through till completion delivering something worthy of actually being called a triple A title is redeeming. This is just an attempt to regain the 50 points they dropped in market shares when they went and shit out a half assed attempt at continuing a critically acclaimed franchise.

    First and foremost, we’re talking about EA. They’ve done nothing but release back to back straight fucking dogshit these last couple years. There is absolutely no reason to believe this will be any different, and until proven otherwise, this is just blowing smoke on their end.

    • Andy Zuck

      Basically. Another garbage game that will used to trick people with a shiny coat of Star Wars paint.

      • Cory Naught

        Give it a chance!!! A lot of people like to bash EA but even CD Projekt Red has a season pass for Witcher.

        • Barid

          The witcher has hundreds of hours of content. Battlefront has 4 maps

  • Christian M. Goyette

    EA – It’s in the trash

  • Matt (Native Floridian)

    If this game ends up being a modernized SWG type game, I’m onboard big time. If it ends up being a SWTOR style game… I think I’ll pass.

    EA likely won’t make this title like the Pre-Cu SWG because it won’t satisfy the ADHD generation of get everything done in a week. It would take a very bold production team to dedicate themselves to making SWG v2.0

    I’ll keep an eye on things. On the surface it sounds promising, but as many have said EA can really monkey things up sometimes.

    • Tuskin38

      Where does it say it is aMMO?

      • Matt (Native Floridian)

        I suppose I may be jumping the gun a little but when I hear the term “Open World RPG” I equate that to be a mmo… But it could also be a Skyrim type game so I guess you got me there.

        I would love to see a sandbox type single player RPG in the Star Wars genre. But I, and apparently many others, believe this title would be a great opportunity to revise a SWG type mmo.

        Either way I would get on board.

  • Geoff Bones Jensen

    I imagine a SWTOR dumbed down to console level i.e., DC Universe Online. Give it a shot b4 you crap on it. Tell me again how EA ruined Star Wars with SWTOR?
    The game had it’s flaws (still does) but what game doesn’t. Most have been patched. There’s now tons of free expansion, it’s not the same game you remember.
    You can complain about what EA does until your blue I the face. The only thing they listen to is your wallet, that is why we hate them. They nickel and dime, but you keep paying for it. You are telling them they’re doing something right.
    If you truly don’t like EA, stop buying their products. That is the only solution. End of discussion.

    • Tuskin38

      No where does it say it is MMO.

      • Geoff Bones Jensen

        GTA online is basically an MMO. Splitting hairs now, aren’t we?

        • Tuskin38

          What does that have to do with anything? GTA Also isn’t a RPG

          • Geoff Bones Jensen

            You seem to be stuck on the MMO part. Is GTA online not a multi-player sandbox? That’s why I said splitting hairs. Games aren’t developed as absolutes, once you amalgamate them with online play, they’re all hybrids. I don’t understand your MMO or RPG argument, it’s superfluous.

  • Unusual Pickle

    Star (Wars) Citizen. 100 million spacebucks can’t be wrong.

  • Josh Hansen

    Bioware should be doing this, EA did not screw up star wars with SWTOR it was great for a classic MMORPG Design which Bioware was also responsible with Developing along with the Illustrious Action Adventure RPG precursor KOTOR, to further support Bioware in their mastery of RPG’s just look at Dragon Age another fantastic franchise Developed by none other than Bioware. Personally I was never a fan of Uncharted because of the play style, if I wanted Prince of Persia or Assassin’s Creed I would buy those games. That play style just wouldn’t mesh well with overall Star Wars adversity, the only way I can see Star Wars fitting a mold like Uncharted is if it is set specifically from a force user’s view. I would honestly much have an action adventure RPG with a followers system with multiple characters and personalities like KOTOR, or Dragon Age, rather than a straight forward perspective with a short storyline and choices that basically lead in the same direction. It’s rather tasteless and boring, and I would rather have a larger impact on the story through my choices than following a direct train track to a climax.

    • Paul Hiett

      Bioware was just as bad…if not worse. Again, just a WoW clone with a SW skin. SWTOR was a pile of crap, which is why it died off so quickly.

      • Tuskin38

        SWTOR isn’t dead, it is still going, and strong enough and making enough money that they released their biggest and best expansion for free to subscribers they didn’t even release it to Free players for a price which would have probably netted them a lot of money.

        The last 2 expansions that had half the content they charged money, for both Subscribers and free players.

      • Terallian

        13th most played PC game right now has “died of”… I don’t think you’re putting two-and-two together there, buddy. They had the money to pull out a multi-million dollar trailer that took E3 by storm and won best trailer.

      • Terallian

        13th most played PC game right now has “died off”… I don’t think you’re putting two-and-two together there, buddy. They had the money to pull out a multi-million dollar trailer that took E3 by storm and won best trailer.

      • Ariel Dahan

        Clearly you haven’t logged on in 3 years. The game is far from dead and the latest expansion has given us a great story that builds on the previous 4 years of world building.

    • Geoff Bones Jensen

      EA owns Bioware chief.

  • Justin

    Amy Hennig, nuff said. Games gonna be amazing.

  • arod

    they should make a game like assasians creed but with a jedi instead and set in a time where the empire is in power and they are hunting down all the jedis

  • Justin Kelly

    I’ll pass. EA DICE dropped the ball on battlefront. Not impressed with Uncharted. Amy Hennig is also responsible for most of the legacy of kain games, which I found to be okay at best. Jade Raymond has been producer and executive producer on 3 assassin’s creed games, watch dogs, and a splinter cell game, so we can expect something like an assassin’s creed force unleashed, skyrim/fallout game with okay writing and gameplay that will be rushed out the door before it is ready by EA pressuring the studio for a final product.

  • milton francom

    yes. so much yes. I don’t care what you other people think. I guarantee it won’t be like SWTOR, but maybe some multiplayer. The Uncharted designer, mixed with open world? Yes so much yes.

  • Daniel Anagnostis

    Well… EA won’t be getting their filthy mits off this franchise anytime soon it seems. I hope at least a couple of designers that get hired for this project worked on Star Wars Galaxies in some form or fashion. That game was a true open world sandbox, then it got shut down. SWTOR doesn’t even come close, but of course it’s the only Star Wars MMO on the market currently so people are going to play it. While developing this new Star Wars MMO, EA and Visceral won’t be asking “How can we make the best, most unique sandbox game we possibly can?” Their main concern will be: “What is our competition, what are they doing successfully, and how can we appeal to as many people as possible?” That’s just the reality of it.

    • Tuskin38

      No where does it say it is going to be a MMO

  • David Stokan

    God damnit, stop fucking giving EA these titles that could be so amazing!

    • Adrian Fuentes

      Better get used to it. EA and Disney (obviously) locked down the rights to publish any and all Star Wars games from now on for a very long time. I think the deal was for 10 years or something like that?

      • Bud Giewatch

        6.5 years left

  • Monoracle

    The only thing that job ad indicates is that it will be a “3rd person action/adventure game” as that is in the required experience section. Everything else is applicable to any number of gametypes, but some ‘media’ sites jump to unsubstantiated conclusions, turn it into clickbait-y headers and everyone gobbles it up as gospel.

  • Paul Hiett

    So…let me guess, another WoW clone with a SW skin. And EA? No thanks.

    • DIck Hitt

      They said RPG, not MMO. I wouldn’t discount it yet.

    • Tuskin38

      No where in the article did they say it is a MMO or Online game.

    • Rebecca N

      Reading comprehension is important. Please try again.

  • Barid

    They need to make another Jedi Knight / Jedi Outcast game please. Those were the best star wars games ever made

  • onixblack

    So they don’t give a story to battlefront and give us extremely limited maps and weapons. Now they are trying to sell us the story and customization in another game smh

  • It should be about the games

    I played SWTOR for a while but it was a funny game that was trying to be a single player MMO and it got boring real quick. I’m not saying that this is going to be an MMO (so calm down Tuskin38) you’ll get an RSI if you’re not careful, but that’s the game I would like to see as long as it’s done properly. I’d also settle for a game that was single player like the Witcher series, again, as long as it was done properly and had content that would require the endurance of an Ironman competitor to complete. But it’s EA so it will be shite and rushed out for the next movie installment in 2017.

  • Kenneth Drew

    As long as EA is involved, Star Wars games will suck.

  • MatheusDebull

    The same company that made that trash known as Battlefield Hardline? Pass. Please go back to making decent games Visceral!

    • The_Wo1f

      Isn’t that what they are trying to do?

    • One

      Hardline had a great story. If you thought that was trash then I’d hate to see what you consider to good.

      • MatheusDebull

        Game wasn’t worth full price and died within less than 3 months on PC. Multiplayer made me question on what was actually different from BF4’s code as there were bugs that BF4 had patched months before which showed up in BFH at launch. The episodic story kept pulling me out of immersion so it wasn’t as enjoyable as one would hope.

        PS: MINECRAFT is the best game Kappa.

  • Jesse

    Anyone who doesn’t think EA is ok with RPG games have obviously without a doubt NEVER PLAYED MASS EFFECT AT ALL! The Mass Effect series are some of the best singleplayer RPG games of all time and so I think people already dissing on it should SHUT THE **** UP and wait until the game actually comes out before they judge it !!!

    • Holton

      that was all Bioware…

      • Vayder_

        EA owns Bioware.

        • Mike S

          But Bioware isn’t making this game…

          • Vayder_

            Was replying to Holton’s comment. Just because EA is a parent company, doesn’t instantly equal terrible product, normally just an overpriced product.

        • Igax

          EA did not own Bioware until Mass Effect 3, which is the worst of the 3. EA killed Bioware, just look at TOR and Dragon Age 2 and 3 for proof.

          • Vayder_

            Get your facts straight, kid. Dragon Age 2 was released March 8th, 2011. EA bought BioWare October 11th, but nice try trying to write off DA2 on EA, that was BioWare’s own crapfest. Dragon Age: Inquisition was a fine game, as was Mass Effect 3, but you’re probably just one of those “ending sucked, so whole game sucked” folks. If you think a game like Mass Effect 3 was made in the 4 months between EA buying BioWare and it’s release date, you’re really delusional.

          • Igax

            Well you’re at least partly right. It was Oct 11th of 2007 when EA bought VG Holding Corp. So yeah, DA2 was all EA. As I had always read it DA:O was mostly complete pre EA involvement into the inner workings of the studio, which was why it did not suck as much as every other RPG put out since then. When you go to call an old time gamer “kid” you should make sure your facts are in order child.

          • Vayder_

            I’m man enough to say I looked at the date wrong, but call yourself an older gamer all you’d like, we both used google to look up those dates, don’t kid yourself. You’re still the one using nostalgia to base your accusations on a parent company just because you personally didn’t like newer iterations of BioWare games, while there are still millions of people who do. Video games (and art in general) are subjective media, some people won’t like it, some people will. DA:I received huge praise, SW:TOR was rocky at the start, but is in a great spot as it stands, and Mass Effect 3 was a solid game, minus the lackluster ending (which was swiftly fixed, though poorly.)

    • Guest

      Yeah mass effect rocks! Just saying

  • Darius

    To go to the next campaign level, please purchase DLC #1 or purchase the season pass for all 4x DLC level.

  • Viscerals first attempt at an RPG game, I hope it goes well.

  • Galak Fyyar

    Hmm… exactly where does Visceral “pretty much confirm their next Star Wars title is going to be an open world action RPG”?

  • Remy Verhoeve

    What I need, what I’ve “always” wanted, is a computerized sandbox Star Wars RPG preferably based on West End Games’ incredibly charming pen and paper RPG, with a story set during IV-VI but not involving the big names from the trilogy. You’d make a party of any of the templates from the RPG books, and dice rolling would be baked into the system, from firing blasters to making astrogation rolls for hyperspeed travel. Maybe the main character (“you”) would have a story attached, akin to the wondrous ‘Baldur’s Gate”. Maybe it could have a multiplayer part where characters could face off against each other. Expansions would increase the size of the galaxy. And it would add something of the “pioneering” play from the early days of Star Wars: Galaxies. Too much to ask for? I guess so..

  • Nascar575
  • Roy Witty

    Galaxies was awesome until everyone left due to one of the worst combat “upgrades” of all time. Here’s hoping this will measure up.

  • ceman

    regardless of the whiny butthurt jedifags who hated the cu and nge upgrades soe did manage to bring swg back to an awesome fucking game with a lot of the good stuff precu worked back into nge. by that time though their wow-envy was too hardcore. personally, i think most people could give a shit about starting as a jedi if they didnt spend hours on swg pre cu making one. jedis are kinda faggy in gcw era anyways in game they were pompous bitches and my bounty hunter ALWAYS wrekt any jedi stupid enough to cross me. but with this game. no crafting im out.

  • Fatimus298

    Why cant they use the team whom were making starwars 1313 and collabrate with EA and Visceral to make a open world starwars game we all want .Surely its not to much to ask …. That would be 1 sick game

  • Judedude

    Becoming a jedi , a sith or even a bounty hunter as well as a clone and an empirial soldier or joining the rebels in an open world RPG game would be mind blowing
    I hope it looks something a little bit like skyrim

  • David Leclercq

    I honestly don’t want the gameplay to match that of Dragon Age but more like a elder scrolls style of game where you are some random person (in any race of course) in the galaxy with barely any stats and perks. The politics behind this Open World RPG should be more like Skyrim but a bit more detailed. So detailed that you have an army fighting your battles if need be. Or even making it more like EVE online. This new RPG better not fail in expectations like Battlefront did. With all the income EA has had from the previous games, this new game better be REVOLUTIONARY. Star Wars is my life inspiration, the new movie and the new Battlefront game failed at having a core storyline, I just want to know that someone else is taking Star Wars as serious as I am…

  • Yates Floyd

    KOTOR 3 or i’m not buying

  • Ty Ty (ManiacalMandalorian)

    Bethesda and Naughty Dog, with LucasArts as publishers, should be doing this. EA is just awful (stick to your wannabe sports games), Ubisoft hasn’t been producing the greatest games recently, and Visceral hasn’t even done a RPG game… to my knowledge.

    • Dont Blink

      EA owns BioWare and if you read the article, you’d know the designer for Uncharted is working on this game. I also heard the creator of Last of Us will be on it as well. Disney won’t let a company fail making what is now their IP.

      • Ty Ty (ManiacalMandalorian)

        Yes, I read the article. I’d rather have the whole group of Uncharted teaming up with the others I listed as well. What you just told me had no purpose to what I was saying.

  • SOMEGUY7893 .

    It’s over, Star Wars has truly died.

    • Ty Ty (ManiacalMandalorian)

      Just because there isn’t a Jar Jar Binks?

      • Casper2211

        Jar Jar Binks is a wonderful, well thought out, and brilliantly in depth character. No movie has ever had a funnier character as the mighty Binks. Mr.Lucas outdid himself with Jar Jar, he is the best part of the entire saga and I can’t wait for his return in episode VIII!

        • Ty Ty (ManiacalMandalorian)

          Yeah… I hope you’re being sarcastic.

  • mark hinman

    .” Can you imagine a game where you are just exploring Jakku, or Hoth, or Coruscant? Oh the possiblities,” It was called STAR WARS GALAXIES!!!! a sandbox game.. with open content and the ability to explore build craft your own adventure… A SWG style game with updated graphics would be welcomed.. SONY made some mistakes trying to be like WoW No mater what the CU/ NGE haters say.. it was the best MMORPG out there in any form.. Especially once JTL hit.. so if the powers that be want to produce a MMORPG.. SWG should be the template and improve from there…

    • Brandon

      It makes me so happy to see this. So glad other people out there miss SWG. It was truly one of the best RPGs ever made. I miss it so much!! The emulator just isn’t the same…

  • Orkin

    “Can you imagine a game where you are just exploring Jakku, or Hoth, or Coruscant? Oh the possiblities,” – Star wars the Old republic? Don’t you DARE cancelling it before I finish all the class stories! 😀

    • Ty Ty (ManiacalMandalorian)

      Huge failure of a KOTOR type game. SWTOR sucked. Terribly. Thanks EA.

  • Ammon Beaumont

    SWG + Battlfront = Destiny type play but would Be 100k time better . Would be an ultimate MMO sand box and I would pay to play every month !

  • Marco Izzo

    I don’t like the idea of a New Star Wars Game being RPG.. would be too classical. It should be a Monern MMORP. like SWTOR

  • Lglapointe6


    • Lglapointe6


  • Veteran

    Just remake SWG or KOTOR..