Eddie Izzard Joins Playstation’s ‘Powers’ TV Series

By August 15, 2014

Xbox Entertainment Studios may be closing down, that doesn’t mean Sony’s Playstation Network is throwing in the towel on their original series development any time soon.

Deadline has word that Eddie Izzard, British comedian and star of films like Ocean’s 13 and TV shows like “The Riches,” has been slated to co-star in “Powers,” the upcoming series adaptation based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s graphic novel of the same name that blends film noir, crime procedurals, and super powers all in one package. A series was attempted at FX with a produced pilot, but it didn’t get picked up to series, and it’s now being retooled for Playstation with David Slade (Hard Candy) directing.

The series follows the lives of two homicide detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward), who are assigned to protect humans like us and investigate cases involving people with superhuman abilities – referred to as Powers – who glide through the sky on lightning bolts and fire and who clash above cities in epic battle, oblivious to the mortals below.

Eddie Izzard

Izzard will play the villain of the series, a top-level Power named Wolfe, who has spent the last two decades incarcerated in the Shaft, with his terrible abilities kept in check through a brutal regimen of surgical procedures. In a fun twist, Wolfe actually used to be mentor to Christian Walker, a role that’s yet to be cast.

In addition, Noah Taylor (“Game of Thrones,” Charlie the the Chocolate Factory, Edge of Tomorrow) has landed a role as Johnny Royalle, a criminal mastermind Power with the ability to pop in and out of locations at will. He’s a seedy character who owns a cutting edge underground venue called the Here and Gone Club that may have some ties to a dark and deadly conspiracy. Those film noir elements are becoming very apparent. Fun fact: this role was played by Vinnie Jones in the FX pilot.

Olesya Rulin

Finally, Olesya Rulin (High School Musical, “Greek”) will play Calista, a teenage Power wannabe with street smarts, attitude, and vulnerability who is always seeking out her next move. Sounds like Jubilee from X-Men if you ask me.

Clearly there are elements of this series that nod to a variety of previous comic book series, not to mention shows like “Heroes,” but it seems like the film noir style and crime procedural elements will help “Powers” stand out. We’re just not sure if Playstation can pull off this series after FX, who has a great track record lately, couldn’t make it work. Here’s hoping we get something good with this one.

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