Edgar Wright Wants to Surprise People With Action-Heavy ‘Ant-Man’

By November 20, 2013


Filmmaker Edgar Wright has made it clear for many years that a live-action take on Marvel hero Ant-Man is his passion project, and so it stands to reason that he’s put plenty of thought into what the final product will look like. For fans of the Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World director, Wright’s aims shouldn’t surprise – they should actually thrill.

Wright sat down with Entertainment Tonight and shared quite a bit of information about his vision for the film, telling the show: “I want to make him into a badass [laughs]. No, I always liked that comic and I always thought it would be an interesting thing to see in live-action. That’s why I [showed] that Comic Con test that we did for Marvel, to show this fight scene like a proof of content, like this is what the action is going to look like. I think a lot of people who maybe don’t know the character sort of see that test and go, ‘Oh, right, I get it. It’s like an action film,’ so that’s the idea.”

He continued, “I think people will be surprised by what kind of movie it is, and so in that respect it’s something that I know is going to stand out because it’s got a very different story and is a very different movie.”

The Worlds End - Photocall

But Wright is both very understanding and quite respectable of the tone Marvel has infused most of its productions with, telling the outlet, “Well, I think the Marvel movies are funny, you know? I think generally the Iron Man films and The Avengers is funny. They’re not ever in the comedy section, but they are funny and entertaining, so I think it’ll be something in a similar vein to that.”

Action and humor? Wait, is Ant-Man starting to sound like the most Edgar Wright movie ever made? Probably, and that’s a very good thing. Now, if we could just find out who is going to playing the ant/man…

Ant-Man is scheduled for a July 31, 2015 release date.

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