Emily Blunt To Head South of the Border in Drug Film ‘Sicario’

By April 2, 2014

Emily Blunt is one of my favorite working actresses right now. She’s led period pieces, romantic comedies, time travel action thrillers – two of those, actually (Looper and Edge of Tomorrow) – and she’s able to play extremely varied characters with humor, grace, and boundless charm. Now Variety reports that she’ll get to stretch her acting muscles even more, as she’s in talks to play the lead role in a drug film called Sicario for Prisoners and Enemy director Denis Villeneuve.

The upcoming film “follows an officer from Tucson, Arizona who travels across the border to Mexico with a pair of mercenaries to track down a drug lord.” With a story like that, it sounds like Blunt won’t have many opportunities to bust out that winning smile of hers, but it could be a cool opportunity to play a darker, more intense character. I’ve only seen two of Villeneuve’s films, but Prisoners and Enemy were practically dripping with atmosphere and tension, and with such a dangerous setting, this project could be a great chance to see the actress jump into an environment she hasn’t really explored on film before.

Emily Blunt 2

The movie’s premise sounds vaguely reminiscent of the FX series “The Bridge,” so it’ll be interesting to see how Villeneuve applies his unique sense of mood to this project to make it his own. It’s also worth noting that the director made headlines just this morning by courting Amy Adams to play the lead in another one of his projects, an alien invasion film called Story of Your Life. As he did with Prisoners and Enemy, Villeneuve plans to shoot these projects basically back to back, with Sicario getting underway this summer and Story of Your Life rolling in early 2015.

These projects sound extremely different from one another, but since I’m also a huge Amy Adams fan, I’m very excited to see how they turn out and if these ladies can build a solid working relationship with Villeneuve. Regardless of what you think about his films, he’s a filmmaker that has a clear vision of how he wants his movies to turn out and is continually gaining credibility and respect, so hopefully he can team with these women more down the line and continue to bring us some off-beat and perhaps unexpected adventures on the big screen.

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