Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 2/1/13

By February 1, 2013

Comics: While DC is still waiting to see where audiences stand with regards to Man of Steel, they have already announced that their Justice League film will feature only the team’s five main members. Aquaman will be left out for the moment, but rest assured Vince Chase will be getting his own movie soon enough. David Goyer sat down to discuss Man of Steel, and Christian Bale chatted with a cancer patient. As far as mid-level publishers are concerned, ‘Mind MGMT’ is getting adapted for the big screen, and the Sin City sequel is casting Eva Green as Ava Lord.

Marvel Properties: With Marvel’s phase 3 truly moving forward, they have also cast three new actresses in Days of Future Past, and might be abandoning altogether the role of Emma Frost. Hugh Jackman wants a definitive Wolverine film, and Paul Giamatti may just be living a childhood dream if he is in fact cast as the Rhino in Spider-Man 2.

Star Wars: Abrams is now official, as both he and Disney have confirmed that he will in fact be directing Star Wars Episode VII. He has not committed to the 2015 release date, however. You can add one more person to the list of those unimpressed by George Lucas’ vision and craft, at least with regards to the prequel trilogy, and that would be Terence Stamp. Also, Disney is suspending any more planned 3D re-releases to focus their energies on Abrams’ new film.

Film: David Gordon Green, indie cinema’s long-thought long-lost director, has returned, if just for a moment. Winning all sorts of praise at Sundance, he also and let the ball drop that his remake of Suspiria is likely not happening. On the subject of things most definitely happening, however, we have Taken’s director ushering Sean Penn into his own potential action franchise, until just a few days ago, it was only speculation. Any Warcraft fans out there should maybe find it of use to know that Moon director Duncan Jones is directing the film adaptation of their beloved game. Will Gluck will be helming the newly re-imagined Annie film, from Jay-Z and Will Smith, Smith’s daughter is no longer in contention for the role sequel has a bit more of a plot now, and Bruce Campbell will not be making a cameo in Evil Dead. Turns out Downey Jr. is definitely out of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice adaptation, but have no fear, those rumors about Joaquin Phoenix taking over last week were totally true! Anderson is hoping to start shooting in April or May. Those planned Dragon Tattoo sequels are still happening, but it’s unclear if either Daniel Craig or David Fincher will be returning, although Rooney Mara definitely will. Noomi Rapace, the original Lisbeth Salander, is pairing up with Tom Hardy for a Russian thriller. While Stallone makes cracks about presidents being cast in Expendables 3, his buddy Arnold and Co. are putting some great thought into their new Conan project. Gore Verbinski is returning to his darkly comedic roots, Soderbergh talked about a lot of things, including his alleged “retirement” and Kenneth Branagh may be directing the long-in-the-works Cinderella film. Jim Carrey is teaming up with the Napoleon Dynamite gang to pull of Loomis Fargo, while Charlize Theron may just star in Seth MacFarlane’s next film, a western. Finally! Your first bit of Disney theme park-related news? Brad Bird’s secretive project, 1952, is now being called Tomorrowland.

Television: The Second? ABC has ordered a pilot based off of Big Thunder Mountain. They also have an order for a supernatural drama, as well as one where several co-workers must deal with each other after winning the lottery. A new NBC pilot will make Alice the villain in Wonderland, and Rosanne Barr is once again in bed with the network to get something off the ground. The incredibly talented Allison Janney will play the mother of the incredibly talented Anna Faris on a CBS pilot by the not terribly too, too talented Chuck Lorre. Bryan Cranston now has a first-look deal with Sony, and his Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn is shooting a Barbarella show, backed by the Skyfall writers.

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