Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 3/15/13

By March 15, 2013


Alex Winter was at SXSW and he spoke briefly to SlashFilm about the re-writes going on for a third Bill and Ted adventure, while Sam Raimi claims he will not be returning for the Oz: The Great and Powerful sequel, just like Nicolas Cage is, for the moment, through with the Ghost Rider franchise.

Billy Dee Williams is rightfully claiming that he is the only person who can play Lando in Star Wars VII, but has not received a script and might just be talking out of term since he’s not even aware of what the story is about… or maybe that’s just me.

Double Sudeikis news! Justin will be teaming up once again with Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and potentially Jaime Foxx for a Horrible Bosses sequel, while Sudeikis and Day will once again team-up in a buddy cop comedy for Seth Gordon…

Safety Not Guaranteed’s Colin Trevorrow will be helming Jurrasic Park 4, Danny Boyle is planning on shooting his Trainspotting sequel in 2016, and Paul WS Anderson will be directing a sixth Resident Evil after he finishes Pompeii, which just cast the incredible Jared Harris.

While it doesn’t look like Alan Cumming will be returning for Days of Future Past, it would seem, judging be evasive responses and silence, that Apocalypse will make an appearance.

Spider-Man 2 is shaping up to be “awesome” say it’s new co-star, and Drax will have his shoes filled in the Guardians of the Galaxy by none other than Dave Bautista.

weird casting shuffle recently went down for Jane Got A Gun, resulting in former bad guy Joel Edgerton now playing the hero to Natalie Portman, while Jude Law has taken over the former.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Les Miz director, Tom Hooper, is apparently in the running for his long-awaited turn in the Freddy Mercury biopic.

Game of Thrones‘ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is taking a bit of a break from drama to star with Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman.

Adam Sandler is once again teaming up with Drew Barrymore a new romantic comedy.

Scott Rudin will be producing a big screen version of the 70s television classic Good Times and Seth Grahame-Smith is claiming it’s showtime for his Beetlejuice sequel.

Steve Carell is teaming with Cedar Rapids helmer Miguel Arteta for Disney’s adaptation of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, while Legendary Pictures has acquired the rights to Brilliance, a set of sci-fi novels said to loosely channel X-Men.

Television and Original Content

Ricky Gervais has signed an exclusive deal to provide original content for YouTube.

Walking Dead’s former showrunner, Glen Mazzara, will be working with Fox for the foreseeable future, as he too has signed an overall deal, with Fox TV Studios.

Christopher Meloni will be playing a man learning to become a father in Fox’sI Suck at Girls adaptation.

Samwise Gamgee and Lucius Malfoy will team up for Surgeon General. Lastly, fresh off his second Oscar win, Ang Lee will be directing FX’s Tyrant pilot.

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