Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 3/22/13

By March 22, 2013

Comics In Film

Bryan Singer confirmed that Daniel Cudmore will once again be playing Colossus in Days of Future Past, along with new cast members Boo Boo Stewart and Fan Bingbing. In addition, The Geek Files, midway through reporting the same story, claims that the Hellfire Club will not be reappearing, leaving us with the comforting fact that we will not have to deal with even more characters in the already crowded script and we will no longer be forced to watch the terribly pretty and not-altogether-too-talented January Jones as Emma Frost.

In a sneak preview of Total Film’s 205th issue, their website hints at an interview with Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer and all the film’s other major players, with Goyer claiming that the trailer is “just the tiniest, tiniest tip of the iceberg.”

In other David S. Goyer news, he is also in talks to bring back The Count of Monte Cristo, this time as a “graphic novel,” “19th century Dark Knight,” type project.

Marc Webb is hinting at a Ravencroft appearance in Spider-Man 2, which might help to explain the presence of just so many potential villains.

Zaki Hasan, in a teaser for a full interview that will be published later, revealed that G.I. Joe writer Larry Hama was quite pleased with the end results of Retaliation.

IT Crowd and Bridesmaids star Chris O’Dowd confirms that he has one scene in the upcoming Thor film.

Everything Else In Film

James Cameron is on a farm in New Zealand, equal parts isolating himself and talking to best bud Peter Jackson, while crafting the scripts for Avatar 2 and 3, which is putting him deep into the world of Pandora.

Ridley Scott and the people at Fox are quickly moving ahead with the Moses project Exodus and are courting Christian Bale to star.

Emma Watson was being sought after for the ’50 Shades of Grey adaptation,’ according to Anonymous, but once the “outdated” reports were leaked she hit Twitter to claim that she “like really” would never do ’50 Shades of Grey’ as a movie… which will make things really funny when she does eventually sign on.

Stepping in for George Clooney in Warner Brothers’ adaptation of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. may just be Tom Cruise, who if he does, will be partnering with director Guy Ritchie after Steven Soderbergh departed some time ago.

Despite the promise of a year-long prison sentence later this year, director John McTiernan is prepping Warbirds, a film about aerial fighters with secret winter lives? It’s apparently inspired by the films of George Roy Hill.

Any Jeremy Renner fans that were hoping Hansel & Gretel would bomb so he could get back to doing quality work will probably be disappointed that since it has now earned over 200 million, and has now received a go ahead for a sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter has it on good authority that Hugh Jackman is part of a package deal recently acquired by Paramount to adapt Harlan Coben’s upcoming ‘Six Years‘ into a film, which at this point is still in need of both a director as well as a screenwriter.

The badass we know as Ken Watanabe has been added to the cast of Godzilla.

Joel Silver and his partners at Studio Canal are planning a new take on Escape from New York, which will be developed as a trilogy including a potential origin story.

Although attached from the very beginning, Lynne Ramsay failed to show up on the first day of shooting to direct Natalie Portman in Jane Got a Gun. One day later, she had been promptly replaced by Gavin O’Connor, and Jude Law, who had already jumped from antagonist to protagonist has left too, citing his sole reason for getting on board was to work with Ramsay.

Rob Letterman is in talks with Sony to adapt R.L. Stine’s ‘Goosebumps’ novels for the screen.

Dwayne Johnson can’t wait for his Fast and the Furious character to get his own stand-alone film, stating that form him it is “the goal.”

Rufus Sewell and his piercing eyes are set to star alongside Dwayne Johnson in MGM’s Hercules, set to release in 2014.

Seth Rogen is set to co-direct and star in a new comedy, which he also co-wrote, about an assassination attempt on the prime minister of North Korea. The filmmakers may also seek out James Franco to co-star.

Ryan Gosling wants to step out of our lives and off the billboards for a bit by taking a break from acting to gain a little perspective.

Long time lucky working actor Harrison Ford spoke to WGN’s Dean Richards, and went on to say that the Star Wars reunion rumors are “almost true” and that the project will hopefully be in the bag soon enough.

Disney is rebooting its own Pete’s Dragon with the help of David Lowery, who fresh off solid reviews at Sundance for two projects, is a pretty hot commodity these days. Fortunately or not, it looks like it will not be a musical.

Christina Applegate is in final negotiations to play Ed Helms’ Mrs. Griswold in the new Vacation film.

Vera Farmiga has joined Roberts Downey Jr. and Duval in David Dobkin’s The Judge.

Denmark’s Nikolaj Arcel is remaking Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca for Dreamworks.

Kiefer Sutherland is in final talks to star as the villain, alongside Jared Harris, Emily Browning and Kit Harington, in Paul W.S. Anderson’s Pompeii.


George R.R. Martin will cameo in season 3 of Game of Thrones.

HBO has cancelled Enlightened.

Big Love creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer are adapting British series Getting On for HBO.

CBS has renewed CSI, and with it, Ted Danson’s contract.

Sam Raimi will be making his television pilot debut with Fox’s Rake, based on an Australian comedic drama, which is set to star Greg Kinnear.

Fox is also developing a Shogun project, as well as an event series that will trace the journey of O.J. Simpson through his legal battles and acquittal for his murder charges.

TV Land ordered a fifth season of Hot In Cleveland.

David Shore is bringing another comic over the pond to play the lead in a new drama. This time it’s Steve Coogan. The project is titled Doubt and will air on ABC.

National Geographic is teaming with some extraordinarily talented people to bring us a potentially devastating documentary series that will chronicle several subjects’ final days before death. This is one for the books, ladies and gentlemen.

The amazing Jane Adams has left NBC’s Craig Robinson-starring pilot, unfortunately. Effectively putting an end to what might have been the best comedic team-up in recent memory.

Showtime is teaming up with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, as well as Tommy Wirkola to adapt the latter’s own Norwegian dark comedy series, described as a cross between Hot Fuzz and Twin Peaks.

Hot Fuzz’s Nick Frost will return to British television to star in Mr. Sloane, a six-episode 60s-set comedy.

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