Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 4/11/13

By April 12, 2013


Kung Fu Panda 3 has added three new actors to it’s roster and they are Bryan Cranston, Mads Mikkelsen and Rebel Wilson.

Liam Neeson and Woody Harrelson may team up to hunt down Bonnie and Clyde in Highwaymen.

Nicole Kidman, Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn will all be appearing in Anchorman 2, with the latter two reprising their roles from the first.

Adding to the latest story to come out of Jane Got a Gun, Bradley Cooper has now been cast in what was once Joel Edgerton, then Jude Law’s role, before the latter walked out.

Morgan Freeman has joined Paul Bettany, Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall and Kate Mara in Wally Pfister’s Transcendence.

Cameron Crowe is casting his latest film, and while he already has Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper, he is now also seeking Rachel McAdams.

Director Tommy Lee Jones has cast Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld in his new western which he will star in alongside John Lithgow, Time Blake Nelson, James Spader, Meryl Streep and Hilary Swank.

Luke Evans will star in Dracula, as the titular vampire.

Renny Harlin has cast Twilight alumnus Kellan Lutz as Hercules in his new $70 million project.

No doubt ushered along by his appearing in The Impossible Tom Holland has been cast alongside Chris Hemsworth in the new Ron Howard film In the Heart of the Sea.

Jim Carrey and Steve Oedekerk are going to get together three lying spouses and one actor for Ricky Stanicky.

Michael Mann is circling talent and locations in Asia for his next film, set to star Chris Hemsworth.

Matthew McConaughey may be teaming up with Anne Hathaway in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Any Point Break fans out there should be warned that it definitely looks like there will be a reboot, and it definitely sounds awful. Can you tell I’m a fan of the original? The film was written by Kurt Wimmer and will be directed by Invincible director Ericson Core.

Latino Review claims that the Fast series has three top contenders for directing the seventh entry, and they are Brad Furman, Jeff Wadlow and Harald Zwart. Deadline later went on to report that James Wan is close to signing on as well.

Former Walking Dead Glen Mazzara is going to be writing a Shining prequel.

Writer/performer Ken Marino and his wife have been hired to adapt ‘Go The Fuck To Sleep’ into a screenplay.

Twitch is reporting on a rumor that Kiki’s Delivery Service may get a live action adaptation.

Warner Brothers has shut down its 130 million dollar Tarzan project, with tentative plans to maybe try again next year.

El Mayimbe says that Evil Dead writer Rodo Sayagues and director Fede Alvarez have had meetings at Marvel and speculates that it might be for Dr. Strange.

In a piece with no solid news, but a whole bunch of exciting speculation, CHUD delved into Warner Brothers’ relationship with Charlie Hunnam and Guillermo del Toro.

Man of Steel will feature zero kryptonite, because “if you want to make an audience relate to a character, a galactic allergy isn’t the way to do it.”


As recapped last week, future Lord of Television Ryan Murphy had been shopping around his new sexy show by himself and Dexter EP Lauren Gussis. It now has found a home at HBO.

Newsroom writer Gideon Yago is heading to Starz to develop a coming-of-age series set during in the Vietnam war.

IFC has greenlit three pilots.

AMC might be moving ahead with plans for a Breaking Bad spin-off, centered on Saul Goodman.

Jamie Foxx is heading to SyFy to write, direct and produce a five episode horror anthology. Robert Zemeckis has also set up camp and is bringing Top Cow comic ‘The Test’ to the small screen as No Place. They are also adapting ‘Childhood’s End’, ‘Ringworld’, and eight others.

NBC may be looking to eventually replace Carson Daly with Alec Baldwin, a move that I think absolutely nobody will be opposed to, save for Mr. Daly himself. Although, he can rest easy for now, as he has been renewed, at least for one year…

Game of Thrones own Margaery Tyrell, Natalie Dormer, will be heading to CBS to play Mr. Holmes’ ‘first and only love’ in Elementary.

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