Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 6/21/13

By June 21, 2013


Robert Downey, Jr. has officially signed on to play Tony Stark in both The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3.

In an effort to streamline The Amazing Spider-Man 2, director Marc Webb has cut the character of Mary Jane Watson from the film.

If anybody was still waiting for Sin City 2, you’re gonna be waiting one more year, as the release was just moved from this upcoming October to August of 2014. In addition, it would appear that Jurassic Park 5, although still delayed, has a new release year of 2015.

Locke and Key‘, the acclaimed comic series, will be heading to the big screen by way of Universal in the next few years, courtesy of Bobby Cohen, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who are all producing.

El Mayimbe at Latino-Review once again has a Marvel-related scoop, and in it he reveals some villains he claims will be taking part in the Doctor Strange film.

A casting breakdown for seven characters in Episode VII has surfaced, which gives us very little to go off of, but is still interesting…if that’s your kinda thing.


Bioshock creator, and former screenwriter, Ken Levine is looking to get back to his roots, as he’s just been hired to write that Logan’s Run remake we’ve been hearing about forever.

Arnold Schwarzenegger claims that Terminator will start shooting in January, with himself as the titular cyborg. This, coupled with a report claiming that Arnold will also star in Expendables 3? Action fans, get excited.

Ryan Reynolds, clearly not fated to be The One, has exited the new Highlander reboot.

Despite having not read the script, it looks as though Matt Damon is the front-runner to star under the guidance of the amazing Tom McCarthy in a film based on the Boston Globe’s reports about sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

Jason Schwartzman will play an art dealer called Ruben and Danny Huston will play gossip columnist Dick Nolan in Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, which will star the already announced Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

Khalil Gibran’s beloved ‘The Prophet‘ is apparently getting an animated feature adaptation, and it has just booked Selma Hayek, John Krasinski, Frank Langella, Alfred Molina, Liam Neeson, and Quvenzhane Wallis to star.

Jack Paglen, who wrote Wally Pfister’s upcoming (and star-studded) directorial debut Transcendence, will be penning the Prometheus sequel.

Dumb and Dumber To is happening once again, courtesy of the folks at Universal.

Sam Taylor-Johnson, who directed her husband-to-be, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, in Nowhere Boy, has been selected as the director for the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ adaptation. Sorry Gus.

Paul Feig is taking his love for James Bond’s Casino Royale and giving it a spin, as he has written and will be directing Susan Cooper, a ‘realistic comedy’ about a female James Bond-type.

Bad Teacher, the 2011, Cameron Diaz-starring, raunchy comedy, is gearing up for a sequel.

Tom Stoppard, who won an Oscar for Shakespeare In Love, has optioned ‘A Higher Call‘, set during WWII.

Having been portrayed in countless documentaries, television series and film in various capacities, noted gangster Lucky Luciano may be making his way to the big screen.

Headhunters director Mortem Tyldum will be directing an adaptation of the best-selling novel, ‘Ghostman‘.

Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders has boarded ‘The Kill List‘ feature adaptation as director.


Hollywood’s famous Meltdown Comics has been hosting comedy events for a while, and now Comedy Central is footing the bill and will air recordings of the event and the green room shenanigans going on with Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail.

FX has given the greenlight to Man Seeking Woman, based on Simon Rich’s ‘The Last Girlfriend on Earth.’

John Legend and the folks over at Showtime are developing a comedy about music managers.

While it still seems to be lingering in films, 3D is not faring so well on television…at least not for ESPN, who will be shuttering their 3D station by the end of the year.

Dreamworks has struck a deal with streaming giant Netflix that will allow the latter to produce original animated content based on the former’s library of properties and titles.

Netflix has renewed Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove for a second season.

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