Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 9/27/13

By September 27, 2013



Colin Farrell has been offered a role in Duncan Jones’ upcoming ‘Warcraft’ film, with other actors such as Paul Dano, Paula Patton, and Anton Yelchin being approached as well.

Bryce Dallas Howard is currently in talks to star in Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World.

Gerard Butler is in talks to join Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the Alex Proyas-directed Gods of Egypt, which would see the two as rival gods, with Geoffrey Rush also joining in on the fun as Ra.

Despite hearing that Kurt Russell would not be appearing in Fast and Furious 7, a set photo posted by Vin Diesel on Facebook would have most of us thinking otherwise.

Michael Fassbender will join Ben Mendelsohn and Kodi Smith-McPhee in first-time feature director John Maclean’s Colorado-set western, Slow West.

Kevin Smith’s gonzo entry into 2014’s filmic landscape, Tusk, is moving ahead, with Justin Long and Michael Parks set to star.

East of Eden’ is heading back to the big screen in the form of a Brian Grazer-produced, Gary Ross-directed film that has just added Jennifer Lawrence to the cast.

Christoph Waltz is in negotiations AS I TYPE (probably not) to play the villain in the upcoming ‘Tarzan’ film.

Ed Zwick’s Bobby Fischer project, Pawn Sacrifice, has landed Ray Donovan’s Liev Schreiber to co-star alongside the already-cast Tobey Maguire, who would be playing the famed chess player.

The Vince Vaughn-starring adaptation of the ‘Term Life’ graphic novel has cast its other lead with Hailee Steinfeld, who will play Vaughn’s daughter.

Ellie Kemper will play wife to Rob Corddry in the Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz-starrer Sex Tape.

ESPN: Those Guys Have All the Fun’, an oral history of ESPN originally written by James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales, has made its way to Focus Features where The Place Beyond the Pines’ Derek Cianfrance will hold directing duties.

Master of lower-budget filmmaking Neil Marshall is set to direct the English-language adaptation of 2010’s Norwegian Troll Hunter.

Sony has bested all in a bidding war over the rights to ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ author Matthew Quick’s new novel, ‘Love May Fail’.

A comedy with “dramatic overtones” is coming our way in a potential Jason Segel star vehicle that will be based on the true life story of a 20 million dollar maple syrup heist.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have sold Sausage Party to Sony and Megan Ellison’s Annapurna. The film will be an animated, R-rated affair that will see one sausage’s “quest to discover the truth about his existence.”

Sony has won the rights to yet another upcoming novel, this one called ‘The Finisher’, which would be a fantasy about a youth called Vega Jane and her uncovering of a plot to hide what lies beyond her village’s beast-ridden forest.


Television and Streaming

Call him what you will: Watson, Arthur Dent, or Bilbo Baggins…Martin Freeman will now be adding Lester Nygaard to his resume as he’s just been cast in FX’s Fargo miniseries.

Robert De Niro will be heading to HBO for the miniseries Criminal Justice, where he’ll be taking over the late James Gandolfini’s starring role.

David Milch’s HBO pilot The Money, already set to star Brendan Gleeson, has just added Nathan Lane to its cast.

Bryan Cranston, recently freed up from his duties on Breaking Bad, will once again be appearing on How I Met Your Mother as Josh Radnor’s boss.

Disney’s upcoming animated series, Star Wars: Rebels, is courting both David Oyelowo and Freddie Prinze Jr. for roles.

A DC two-fer! Fox has landed the rights to the in-development Gotham, which would see a young Jim Gordon, as detective within the Batman universe, before he took on his role as Commissioner. Also, NBC has nabbed the rights to the character of John Constantine and his own comic, ‘Constantine‘, which is set to be written by Man of Steel‘s David Goyer.

Guillermo del Toro will be directing this year’s couch gag on The Simpsons’ ‘Treehouse of Horror XXIV’, airing October 6.

Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan will executive produce CBS’ Battle Creek with David Shore set as showrunner.

W. Blake Herron, who co-wrote The Bourne Identity, will be writing an adventure pilot for TNT that would be a “mix between National Treasure and [the aforementioned] The Bourne Identity’.

Despite television’s wonky-at-best relationship to sci-fi westerns, CW has secured the rights to a Mars-set “neo-western” from The Mentalist’s Bruno Heller.

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