Ethan Hawke Now Rumored for Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

By October 1, 2014

While it seems like Marvel Studios may have moved past some of their more perilous production woes now that Ant-Man is in production, another new project that we seem to be getting mixed messages on is Doctor Strange, the film adaptation featuring the Marvel Universe’s “Sorcerer Supreme.” Last we heard, actor Joaquin Phoenix (Walk the LineThe Master) was in purported “final negotiations” to take the role of the character on, but those have now given way to a new rumor, with another actor apparently being considered for the top spot in Marvel’s latest potential franchise.

Ethan Hawke, who starred in Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson’s 2012 horror film Sinister, is now purportedly in the “front running” according to a report from website At this point this rumor should likely be taken with a grain of salt, since the report’s author is claiming himself as the news breaker through his own mysterious “inside sources.” Still, this news is certainly plausible, given Hawke’s prior working relationship with the director, his physical resemblance to the character of Doctor Strange, as well as the actor’s own propensity to be a bit more open in the jobs he takes on than an actor like Phoenix.

Doctor Strange is a creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the same team that created Spider-Man, and serves as the primary magical authority of the Marvel Universe. Crossover potential is very high for the character (who was mentioned by name in Captain America: The Winter Soldier), since Doctor Strange has been a member of several Marvel superhero teams throughout his history, including the Midnight Sons, the Order, the Defenders (arriving on Netflix in the near future), and the Avengers.

We’ll have to see if this rumor ends up playing out, or whether it’s just another smoke screen. Either way, be sure to keep your eye on GeekNation for this and other Marvel movie news!

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Chris Clow
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