Everyone Batman Will Cross Paths With in ‘Suicide Squad’ Revealed

By May 23, 2016

Right now, it seems like everything is riding on Suicide Squad later this year with many fans hoping that it will be able to restore their faith in DC’s new cinematic universe. For those of you out there that liked Batman v Superman too, hopefully you’re looking for it to just solidify that faith even further, I guess.

One of the most interesting and mysterious aspects of the film as well, which has been highlighted several times throughout each of the trailers up until this point, is the role that Ben Affleck’s Batman is going to play in it. We know that he’ll have interactions with Harley Quinn and The Joker for sure, and the possibility of a Deadshot confrontation is open as well, but what about the rest of Task Force X?

Well, Batman-News is reporting that The Dark Knight’s role in the film will be limited, with the scenes involving him and Harley Quinn already teased in the trailer, including one sequence in which the Joker’s car will be flung into nearby water, with Batman having to rush after it to save Harley. Apparently, his interactions with Jared Leto’s Joker will be even more limited than you might think in this scene as well.

In addition, the site claims to know for certain, that there will be two scenes with Batman and Deadshot together in the film, one set during the present day, and one during a flashback. In an even more exciting tidbit as well, the site claims that the scene set during the present day between the two, is “sure to be an emotional one!

Make sure to take all of this with a grain of salt for the time being, as it seems like a large majority of the report itself has already been confirmed in the trailers and in the comments from the cast and crew. However, the possibility of there being a flashback involving Deadshot and Batman is an interesting one, as it may indicate an even more complicated past between the two characters than some of the other, straightforward members of the squad have.

Suicide Squad is set to hit theatres on August 5th.

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  • David Johnson

    Even though I’ve enjoyed Will Smith in MANY Films over the years this role has never clicked for Me! It might be the role He was meant to play or it might be his Affleck/Daredevil!