Explore the Planets of ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ in These All New Interactive Videos

By November 5, 2015

We’re only a few weeks away from the official release of Star Wars Battlefront – a.k.a. the game that will take up every waking minute of Star Wars fans’ lives leading up to the theatrical release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens later this year. Despite some fans’ initial reservations too, the anticipation for the latest installment in the beloved gaming franchise has reached an all-time high after the reveal of an incredible, nostalgia filled trailer, the debut of new characters, and the implications of the Battle of Jakku level have introduced some promising new aspects and immersive qualities of the game.

Vowing  to drop many fans right in the middle of their favorite Star Wars planets and environments, the game’s beta from a few weeks back allowed many gamers to get their first real taste of Battlefront‘s gameplay and mechanics, and the general response from fans was positive… to say the least.

However, it’s clear that both EA and DICE are intent on pushing the game’s various different planets and game modes with the release of several new interactive videos that allow fans to travel and explore several of the game’s planets – including Hoth, Endor, Sullust, and Tatooine. Featuring some pretty stunning graphics and chaotic action too, all of the planets looks pretty damn good, and it’s clear that the design team of the game worked their asses off on making it as immersive as possible.

You can find all the videos for yourself too by clicking right here.

In my opinion, it looks like they more than succeeded with their goals here, and as both a die hard Star Wars fan and moderately active gamer – I cannot wait to sit down and turn this one on. Even if I’ll probably be spending most of my time jumping around and getting shot before I even realize where the blasts are coming from. Oh well, at least John Williams is playing in my ears right?

Star Wars Battlefront will be available to purchase on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th.

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