Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 4 Review!

By July 2, 2012

Episode four of TNT’s Falling Skies, “Young Bloods,” continues the trek to Charleston. Along the way, the 2nd Mass. stumble upon a group of children and teens trying to make it by themselves, and this group holds a big surprise for one particular member of the 2nd Mass.

This episode has been the most interesting so far, and yet, by the end of the episode, it still feels like nothing really got accomplished. It opened strong, with a lot of interesting things going on in the beginning, but by the end of the episode it didn’t feel like any of it amounted to anything. The points in between, however, did have a few moments of genuine tension to them, including we, the viewers, getting a front row viewing of someone getting harnessed!

Here’s what happens:

Matt is used as skitter bait, and when Tom finds out he freaks and embarrasses Matt by getting onto him in front of a large group of people.

Hal and Ben find a group of young outsiders and aim to steal their stuff until they realized they were just kids with no adults (Young Bloods), so they ended up inviting them back to the 2nd Mass. to give them supplies. Lo and behold, Captain Weaver’s daughter was in the group and they have a nice reunion.

Hal and some others take off to deliver the supplies to the Young Blood camp and find that everyone left behind was taken by the skitters to be harnessed. Oh no, never would have guessed that would happen. The 2nd Mass. grill Ben about what he remembers from when he was harnessed and prepare to rescue the children. One of the Young Bloods says he doesn’t take orders from anyone and leaves without the 2nd Mass, taking Weaver’s daughter (who yells at her father and makes him realize he’s been a bad daddy), Matt, and a few others with him.

They end up getting caught by the skitters and put on tables to be harnessed (oh no, didn’t see that coming, either). One kid gets harnessed and Matt is seconds from it when the 2nd Mass. comes in guns a-blazin’ and save him. Weaver saves his daughter and they make up.

Ben busts the tank that holds all the gross alien slug bugs that are used for harnessing and they blow them to pieces, though Weaver does end up injured by one of them.

They make it back to the camp with no problem. The compass from last episode comes full circle. It belonged to Weaver’s daughter all along, so he gives it back to her. She then leaves a note for dad saying that she’s not staying with him or going to Charleston. She explains the Young Bloods are her family and she sneaks out while Weaver is asleep. He cries like a wee little baby when he reads the note.

Hal notices Ben’s spikes glow in the harnessing camp, and Ben tells Hal not to tell on him, and to back up outta his bee’s wax!

Lourdes finds out her family’s town in Mexico was wiped out with no survivors.

Tom and Dr. Glass make out some more.


  • Skitter head exploding
  • Oh snap! Tom was scolding Matt saying it’s not smart to be skitter bait, and Matt says yeah well walking onto an alien ship isn’t smart either. Schooled by a child!
  • The harnessing scene was great. Tense and gross, just the way I like it.


  • Not a very big fight or struggle when they rescue the kids from the harnessing camp. In fact it was pretty freakin’ easy for the 2nd Mass. to infiltrate a camp that’s supposed to be full of skitters.
  • I thought the addition of new characters would mean more people to kill off down the road, but then they all left.
  • So what really got accomplished in this episode? Despite being a decent episode it felt like the writers were in too much of a rush to return everything to status quo.

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