Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 6 Review!

By July 17, 2012

In my last review of Falling Skies, I said I hoped the momentum of episode five carried on throughout the rest of the season. Episode six, “Homecoming,” succeeds in carrying that momentum. With more high-tension shenanigans going on, I’m actually looking forward to what happens next.

Beware spoilers below!

Here’s what happens in a nutshell:

A couple of weeks have passed. 2nd Mass. is still at the hospital. Dr. Glass and Tom are in full relationship mode.

Weaver is addressing a group of people when he starts seizing. Tom discovers what looks like poison running through his veins. Dr. Glass says none of the medications are working to stop the infection/poison/whatever it is. Tom insults her by saying she should have told him so he could find a doctor who knew what to do. After all, according to most of the 2nd Mass., she’s no doctor, she’s a pediatrician.

Maggie and Hal are out on a walk, with her busy telling him again that they can’t be together, when they stumble upon a ton of dead children who were previously harnessed. Among the group they find Karen still alive. They bring her back and stabilize her, locking her up because Ben says they can’t trust her and that she’s still connected to the aliens.

Karen talks with Ben about how she can hear conversations from all around and how she has super strength. When Ben gets closer to her, their spikes light up and they are drawn together and make out. Karen collapses and Hal comes in to comfort her, blaming Ben.

Dr. Glass and Tom argue over what to do with Weaver and then he calls her by his dead wife’s name. Ultimately, Dr. Glass comes up with an idea to pump out Weaver’s blood, warm it up, and pump it back in. Against all laws of medical realism, the process works and Weaver begins to recover.

Maggie goes to tell Karen to go away, but Karen pulls some ninja style moves, knocks her out, and busts her stitches. Karen then manipulates Ben into leaving with her.

A team out on patrol finds Pope, almost dead, and the guy who went with him. Pope wakes up and tells Tom that Karen is bad and is out to get Ben for information on the skitter rebellion.


  • Karen’s back and she’s bad!
  • Pope’s back!
  • Weaver’s still alive, despite his medically ridiculous procedure!


  • Could’ve used a little Daryl Dixon. Yeah, I know it’s the wrong show, but I don’t care. The world needs more Daryl.

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!


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