Fan-Made ‘Power Rangers’ Costumes Reveal What Could Have Been

By June 13, 2016

I think it’s safe to say that the official costumes in next year’s Power Rangers movie were met with a mostly disappointed reaction from fans, who thought that the suits were not only too much of a departure from the original Rangers look, but also thought the costumes were just kinda ugly. It’s hard to look at the all-gray mouths on the helmets as well, and not agree with those complaints.

However, artist Carlos Dattoli recently released his own redesign of the suits in the film, of what he thought they should be, and they’re the perfect combination between the original suits and colors and the modern, updated designs. With the incorporation of the specific animals on the helmets as well, like in the original series, it’s hard not to wish that these were the film’s actual costumes.

Check out his alternate designs below:

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The redesigns keep the kind of skin-tight, alien aesthetics of the suits in the new film, but the inclusion of the original colors and designs really help to liven the suits up quite a bit, and they remind me a lot of the kinds of live-action costume interpretations we see in the Marvel and DC films even. I’m kind of in love with the look of these helmets as well, which look spectacular compared to the film’s versions, which may be the worst component of the new suits. You can find more of Carlos’ artwork on his Behance and Facebook pages as well.

Power Rangers is set to hit theatres on March 24th, 2017.

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