Fans Launch Petition to Get ‘Constantine’ Back on the Air

By November 9, 2015

NBC’s Constantine was able to amass quite a dedicated, cult following during its short run on the air, before its sudden cancellation by the network. The series was an adaptation of the Hellraiser comic books, and followed the lead character, John Constantine (Matt Ryan), as he worked to rid the Earth of Demons and evil beings, in his search for redemption. While the writing was often hit-or-miss and sometimes lacking in dense character development, the series was led and energized by the charismatic performance made by Ryan, who quickly made the character one of the best onscreen DC adaptations of a character yet.

Unfortunately though, despite Ryan’s inspired performance, the series met its quick and final end. That was, until last week when the character returned to the DC TV universe in the latest episode of the CW’s Arrow, where he helped the Arrow crew to restore a resurrected Sara back to her former self. While the episode itself fell slightly flat and was a bit anticlimactic, the reappearance of Ryan’s Constantine was a fitting reminder of all the possibilities that character brings, and how much Ryan’s performance can elevate a scene at any given time.

Turns out, we’re not the only ones happy to see him back.

A group of loyal Constantine fans have officially opened a new petition asking for a new network to pick up Constantine after his joyous reception by millions of fans following his recent appearance on Arrow. This isn’t the first time fans have asked for the series to be saved though, and it’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of it in the end. There are some pretty big factors that would have to come into play in order for Constantine to be resurrected from its cancellation limbo, and we don’t know if all of them are necessarily possible right now.

Who knows though? Stranger things have certainly happened, and considering he basically saved last week’s Arrow from being totally abysmal, I’d definitely be interested in seeing the character get another shot at his own series. Have we seen the last of Constantine? Or will it rise from the dead? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

No word yet on if a Constantine revival is in the works or not.

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