‘Fantastic Four 2’ Removed from Fox’s Schedule

By November 24, 2015

Did you love last summer’s Fantastic Four? Have you spent the months since on the edge of your seat, anxiously awaiting the sequel? Well, congratulations. You’re literally the only human being on the planet who thinks that way. Good for you.

After the disaster that was Josh Trank’s misguided and ill-fated reboot, Box Office Mojo shows the sequel has been removed from Fox’s schedule does not come as a huge surprise. I mean, it is mildly surprising to see a movie studio give up on a comic book franchise given the current climate in moviedom, but the FF results really were that bad. Pretty universally panned by fans and critics alike, plus a bomb at the box office, there wasn’t much room for optimism with regards to a sequel. Whether the fault lies with Trank or the studio (and that debate will continue for a long time, I imagine), this thing was doomed (pardon the pun) seemingly from the start.

The question now is where do they go from here? This is still the First Family of Marvel, a property with legions of fans around the world. Just because they haven’t gotten it right yet, despite numerous attempts, doesn’t mean they should necessarily quit trying. Perhaps the best option would be to make like Sony did with Spider-man and option the rights back over to Marvel Studios. There’s still plenty of money to be made with the Fantastic Four, whether it be on their own or integrated into the Avengers timeline (again, like Spider-man). If not, Fox will have to wait quite a long while for the stink of this failure to wash away.

Removing the sequel from their plans is just the first step towards bringing the Richards clan back to the big screen. It will be very interesting to see what happens next.

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Joe Ruggirello
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