‘Fantastic Four’ Doctor Doom Actor Responds to Fans’ Reactions to the Film

By November 9, 2015

Oh, Fantastic Four, I don’t think anyone will ever really know where everything went wrong. On the surface too, the proposed reboot of the popular comic book franchise should have been incredible. Featuring a cast of some of the most talented young actors in the industry today, and a promising up-and-coming director in Josh Trank, the film showed more promised than some of the even more well-established superhero franchises in the industry today. Unfortunately, after a combination of poor leadership, and studio meddling, it looks like we’ll never really see the Fantastic Four movie that its surface parts could have amounted to.

To put it simply enough though, the film was the definition of a disaster, and will not only be a watermark on Fox’s recent hot streak of comic book movies, but one of the biggest misses of the entire year of 2015. However, the film’s cast, including Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Miles Teller, and others have all handled the film’s failure in stride it seems like, not being afraid to address the recent elephant in the room while promoting some of their other projects.

It looks like Doctor Doom himself, Toby Kebbell, completely understands the film’s failure as well, addressing the fans’ reactions to the movie while recently promoting next year’s Warcraft, and what exactly does the talented young actor think about some of the stronger reactions? “The fans aren’t wrong,” he says. Find the full video below (via IGN):

Kebbell has been recently emerging as one of my favorite actors in the industry today too, after his brilliant work as the villain Koba in last year’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and his hopefully, equally stunning turn in Warcraft as well. So he was always one of the more exciting aspects of Fantastic Four to me, and it’s pretty clear from this video above as well as the initial excitement shown by the cast going into the movie, that he was just as let down by the film’s overall quality as we were.

On the bright side, at least that trailer for Warcraft looks pretty awesome right?

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