‘Fargo’ Episode 4 Review: “Eating The Blame”

By May 6, 2014

Last week’s episode of “Fargo” ended with Stavros Milos taking a bloody shower. No, seriously. Buckets of pig’s blood pumped through the shower head onto the scalp and face of The Supermarket King. This is just the next step in Lorne Malvo’s blackmail plot against the man. And rest assured, in tonight’s episode, “Eating The Blame,” we begin to see how this plot unfolds.

We open on a snowy desolate highway road. And much like the previous episodes of “Fargo,” we are reminded the story unfolding here is based on a true story. Geez, Minnesota seems like it’s one f*cked up place!

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 3.03.52 PM

The car that is traveling down the highway has a younger Stavros behind the wheel. His wife and young son accompany him and we are soon informed that they are struggling financially. The tensions get even higher as he runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Unable to flag down a semi truck, he collapses to the ground defeated. And that’s when he spots it: a simple orange snow scraper in the distance. For those of you familiar with the original Coen Brothers film, then you know where this is going! Stavros discovers the money buried back in 1997 by Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi). 9 years later, Stavros has found the money, and this is the moment that changes everything in his life. Not only does this help him become The Supermarket King, it also instills a solid belief that God is real.

It’s in the next scene where we see Don Chump dressed as a repair man in Stavros’ home, investigating the blood in the pipes, and he mentions the Bible. All the blood reminds him of Moses and “the big book.”

And God sent a plague of blood across the land. Better get right with the Lord!

With that statement, Mr. Chump leaves, but we see the impact this one thought has on Stavros. God is real.

Malvo is really malicious.


Gus Grimly has a reunion of sorts with Lorne Malvo after responding to a call regarding a dead dog, probably Stavros’ pup. En route, he finds Lorne Malvo standing innocently enough on the side of the road and proceeds to arrest him. This act soon backfires on him as he has no evidence to support the arrest. And when they begin the interrogation of Mr. Malvo, they find that they are sitting across from a minister by the name “Frank Peterson.” The dude is even speaking in the Minnesota accent. Needless to say, Grimly gets reprimanded for his negligence and Malvo walks. Gus confronts him on the way out and calls him by his real name and asks how he can lie so easily.

Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color? When you figure out the answer to my question, then you’ll have the answer to yours.

This question is later answered by Molly who tells Gus we see more shades of green because we evolved as predators in the jungle. Interesting…


On exiting the Duluth Police Station, Lorne Malvo is picked up by new friend Don Chump in a car that chirps. What I mean by that is there is a cacophony of chirping coming from the back seat. This brings us to the next step in Mr. Malvo’s blackmail plan of poor Stavros Milos. You see, Chump was assigned the task to visit every pet store in the area and buy up all their crickets. For what use? First came the plague of blood and next come crickets – probably because locusts are hard to come by?

The scene that transpires in the market he works out of is pretty amazing. One cricket, two cricket, 5 crickets, HUNDREDS OF CRICKETS! They’re in his office, in the frozen meat packing section, in the break room and throughout the entire space of this fine Phoenix Farms establishment. Obviously, Mr. Stavros is now feeling the wrath of God. The image of Lorne Malvo standing atop the building as patrons scramble panicked to their cars punctuates the whole thing quite nicely.


I suppose this would be the perfect time to bring up our old pal Lester Nygaard and see what he’s been up to. It’s worth noting that he still has not cleaned his dead wife’s blood up off the living room floor. And that wound in his hand is not healing one bit. It’s swollen, gross and painful – a nice symbol of the secret he’s carrying with him.

When at his home, he receives a phone call from Mr. Numbers which alludes to their belief that he is indeed the one who murdered Sam Hess as they saw Mrs. Hess throwing herself at him in the previous episode. It’s later in the episode that he is thrown into the trunk of their car and taken off to that expanse of ice where they dumped the last body. Yet Lester’s luck isn’t completely out and makes use of the tazer he poached from his brother’s home earlier. He ends up escaping the situation and gets a ride out of this jam by a police officer. But to convince the man, he punches him square in the face. Lester happily heads off to jail. The happiness is short lived, though, as the thugs soon join him due to their own violent tendencies towards each other. Remember that luck I mentioned? I think Lester’s is about to run out.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 6.57.09 PM

What did you think of tonight’s episode? How will Lester get out of this? What’s Malvo’s next move? Personally, I feel like the show just keeps getting better with each episode. And what about Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench? That argument in the cafe was hysterical!

We have 6 more episodes to go! Share with me all of your thoughts (and secrets) in the comments below!

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  • James Garcia

    You do know these aren’t actually true stories, right? Neither was the film. The Coens just added that to the beginning of the movie to add dramatic effect

    • Yes I do know that. It’s fun to suspend one’s disbelief sometimes.

  • TheYimmmy

    He didn’t find the tazer in the car. He took it from his brothers table in a previous episode.

    • OH! DAMN DUDE! YOU ARE RIGHT! Thanks for the heads up!

      • TheYimmmy

        No problem. It’s easy to miss things. Somehow I missed the painting of the ice scraper the first time I watched that episode. I must’ve blinked.

        • Eleanor

          Painting? What painting?

          • TheYimmmy

            On Stavros’ wall. I can’t remember if it was in episode 2 or 3.

          • Eleanor

            Oh wow — I completely missed it! Now I have to go back and find it! Thanks!

    • Phil

      The blood in the living room belongs to the sheriff The wife’s blood is in the basement

  • Viv Lu

    Best show on television right now, I really hope there will be a season 2!

    • With the way everyone seems to be loving it right now, I’m guessing a second season is imminent.

    • TheYimmmy

      I’ve read that season 2 is indeed planned but it will be a new story with a completely different cast.

      • Eleanor

        I figured they would have to do that, with the quantity of murders that happen so fast in season one!

      • That’s a bummer 🙁 I really love the cast right now and can’t think of anyone else that could replace Billy Bob Thornton or Martin Freeman. At least there’s still a chance of it being as good as this season though…

  • Eleanor

    It’s not his wife’s blood in the living room — his wife’s blood is in the basement. The cop’s blood is in the living room.
    What is the name of the actor who plays the cop who gets punched at the end of the move? I recognize him, but I can’t place him… Thanks! 🙂