‘Fargo’ Episode 5 Review: “The Six Ungraspables”

By May 14, 2014

Last night’s episode of “Fargo” brings us to the halfway point of FX’s event series. It’s episode 5 “The Six Ungraspables” and I’m going to make a bold statement here: “Fargo” is a better show than “True Detective”. I know! I know! You can blame my Pass The Effin’ Remote co-host Jack Conway for that gem of a thought. He previously shared this opinion with me a week ago and I can’t help but agree now. COME AT ME!

Moving on…

Episode 5 picks up with Lester, Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench sharing space in the holding cell Nygaard was thrown into last week after punching a police officer in the face. And now he’s sharing a bench with the two thugs he was trying to escape. Mr. Numbers (Adam Goldberg) begins questioning poor Lester about the real identity of Sam Hess’ killer. He’s assisted by Mr. Wrench and Mr. Wrench’s sock, which is stuck into Lester’s mouth as they begin physically coercing him to talk. And he does talk. Lorne Malvo’s name is spilled and the two thugs are bailed out leaving Lester to pass out in his infected and delusional state.


Thankfully for Lester (and us), Deputy Molly Solverson cannot leave this case alone and brings further evidence to Sheriff Bill Oswalt linking Lester Nygaard and Lorne Malvo to the triple murder that began the series. Finally, Oswalt is opening his eyes and agrees to accompany her to question Lester at the prison. But when they get there, he’s unconscious and rambling. If it weren’t for the two arriving when they did, Lester could have very well died on that floor! Hence, why I said “thankfully”.

The ride in the ambulance to the hospital proves slightly fruitful for Solverson as she questions Lester who is in and out of consciousness, but he’s spouting a bunch of nonsense. This leads her to (not quite) break into the Nygaard household and look for any clues or weapons stashed in the basement. That hammer is no longer in the washing machine, though!

As for Mr. Malvo, he is continuing his devious blackmail methods against Stavros Milos. Yet, it’s quite clear now that The Supermarket King is indeed ready to make amends with God. After buying walkie talkies and a police scanner, Lorne visits the home of Don Chumph where he records a telephone conversation with Stavros and poor Mr. Milos has admitted defeat.


It’s Chumph who is jumping for joy at the thought of receiving the ransom money. His plans to open a Turkish Bath are coming to fruition in his mind. And as Malvo and Chumph discuss the next steps in the plan, Lorne seals Don inside his own kitchen pantry using a drill to insure the locked door keeps him inside. The chemistry between Billy Bob Thornton and Glenn Howerton works quite well in this scene as Malvo is definitely the Abbott to Chumph’s Costello.

There are two poignant moments in last night’s episode that stick with me as standouts. The first being the conversation between Gus Grimley and his neighbor Ari Ziskind. This looks to be the first conversation the two has ever had but the man lives in the building across the way, in the apartment that found a woman undressing for Grimley’s eyes a few episodes ago. Ziskind’s wife, probably. Gus admits his dilemma regarding Lorne Malvo, without mentioning the name or the crime associated with it.

Ziskind responds with a parable regarding a man who gives up everything he has, including his own life, in a failed attempt to fix the world’s problems. The point being that one can’t fix all the world’s problems yet Gus is the proverbial boy scout and pledges to try and solve all the problems he can.


There’s a nice contrast that happens in “The Six Ungraspables” as this parable is quickly followed by one told by Mr. Malvo himself. He had driven Milos to the market where the ransom money was collected. On the ride home, he tells a story about The Romans being raised by wolves and a bestial rape scene which leads us to one key Lorne Malvo perspective on the world.

There are no saints in the animal kingdom.

After Malvo and Milos part ways, he makes his way to Gus Grimley’s home. This is where the walkie talkie and police scanner (not the pink one!) come into play. But he doesn’t have much time to stake out the premises as there is a knock on his window and we find out Grimley’s chatty neighbor is a member of the neighborhood watch. He points out Lorne Malvo as a big load of black eye’d trouble and of course the wolf responds with a thinly veiled threat against Ari and his family before driving off.

How awesome is Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo? Honestly, I think this is one of the most enigmatic TV villains to hit screens in quite some time. What is your take on last night’s episode? Give me your thoughts (and corrections) in the comments below!


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