Final ‘Divergent’ Movie Will Be Released on TV, Not in Theatres

By July 21, 2016

With the Divergent series, Lionsgate tried to cash in on what seemed to be an endless flow of successes when it came to YA novel adaptations, and while the first few installments in the franchise did moderately well with usually mediocre results, the last film didn’t really. The second-to-last installment in the series, titled Allegiant, didn’t do so well at the box office and reportedly lost half of its US audience between it and the previous film.

Granted, the film did open one week before Batman v Superman in March, which never marked it for success, but it seems like the film’s failure has caused a major problem for the studio, not even because of the financial disappointment necessarily, but because it’s only the first half in the planned finale for the series.

According to Variety though, Lionsgate is planning on still making the second half, Ascendant, but this time making it as a TV movie rather than a full-fledged one, which would also act as a backdoor pilot for a new Divergent TV series as well. Unfortunately though, it’s unlikely they’d get much of or really any of the film cast members back for it, which creates a whole other set of problems for the studio as well.

If I was Lionsgate though, being forced to deal with this admittedly unexpected problem, I’d probably just let this one be forgotten. Either that, or bite the bullet and make the final film, hoping that it’ll do well enough to warrant its existence.

Making a new TV series for the property though, out of a TV movie that wouldn’t be able to bring back a number of the principal cast members would not only seem odd, but just kind of pathetic as well. For a franchise that’s always had a bit of an air of indifference surrounding it ever since the first film’s release too, I’d say that’d probably be the last thing that the Divergent series needs to look like at this point.

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Alex Welch

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