Final Season of ‘Parks & Recreation’ Premieres in January and Will Go Quickly

By December 1, 2014

We just learned that the final season of “Parks & Recreation” will see the return of Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe, not to mention a special appearance by last season’s surprise finale guest star Jon Hamm. And now we finally know when this farewell season will begin.

Today, NBC announced that the seventh and final season of the comedy series starring Amy Poehler will begin on January 13th at 8pm ET with back-to-back episodes. And in what is simultaneously good and bad news, the season will continue the back-to-back episode schedule every Tuesday through February 24th, when the one-hour series finale airs following “The Voice.”

In some ways, this is great for fans who don’t want to wait for episodes of their favorite show. On another, it’s kind of a bummer that NBC is anxious to get rid of every episode of the final season so quickly, just because they don’t have any other viable comedy programming and also need something to fill the gap in between seasons of “The Voice.”

Parks and Recreaton

“Parks & Recreation” has never been a runaway hit for NBC though, so it’s not surprising that they’re being somewhat flippant with how quickly they dole out the final season of the show. In all honesty, fans should probably just be happy that they didn’t cancel the show like “Community” (which now calls Yahoo home). If this wasn’t intended to be the final season, there’s a good chance the show wouldn’t have been renewed at all.

Anyway, this is just more evidence that NBC has no idea what they’re doing with comedy anymore. Their Tuesday night line-up following “The Voice” only seems to be thriving because of that monster lead-in (“Marry Me” is legitimately worth your time though). The network also just let Netflix pick up the Tina Fey produced series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” since it looked like there were going to pre-cancel the show, so they’re really just lost without a compass.

At the very least, we’re just glad the New Year will bring the whole parks department back, along with plenty of guest stars, for this final season. It won’t be easy saying goodbye to Leslie Knope and her loyal crew, but Ron Swanson wouldn’t let tears soak his mustache on an occasion like this, so neither will we.

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