Final Weekend Box Office: ‘SpongeBob’ Drowns the Competition

By February 8, 2015

This weekend’s final box office numbers proved to be an interesting set of final tallies, with an all-ages movie drowning out the competition, an Oscar contender hanging in the top two, and two potential blockbusters being dead on arrival.

According to BoxOfficeMojo, this weekend’s undisputed box office champion was The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, taking in a pretty sizable $56 million in its debut weekend. The film follows the popularity of the successful TV series, which has been running for nine seasons on Nickelodeon, as well as the first feature film which was released in 2004. On a budget of $74 million, SpongeBob has already earned back its original investment and then some, since the addition of $26 million in foreign sales brings its total take to $82.8 million. Current estimates have the new SpongeBob film performing five times better than the original 2004 film at the same time in its life cycle.

Coming in at second place this weekend is the returning champion American Sniper, which in its seventh week has taken in just over $24 million bringing its domestic total to $282.3 million. As of right now, its worldwide total stands at $361 million. The Chris Kyle biopic continues to be very surprising in its box office performance, and shows no real signs of slowing down as we head into its eighth week of release.

The biggest story from this weekend, of course, is the already predicted dismal performance of both Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son, which came in at third and fourth place, respectively. Jupiter Ascending has garnered $19 million this weekend on a budget of $176 million, which came in well below its original estimates. Seventh Son came out with an even worse showing, taking in only $7.1 million. Budgetary figures for that film weren’t released.

Still, though, at least in the case of the Wachowskis’ latest effort, there may be a silver lining: foreign performance. According to the analysts at VarietyJupiter Ascending came in strongly at the foreign box office topping the charts with a gross of $32.5 million across 65 different countries. While it still has yet to open in big foreign markets like Australia, China, and Japan, it seems to be doing particularly well in Russia, France, and South Korea.

Time will tell whether or not the Wachowskis’ space opera can claw its way into black ink, but it should prove to be an interesting ride. For more on box office developments as they happen, keep an eye on GeekNation!

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Chris Clow
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  • David Black

    Still haven’t seen the new spongebob, looks like a barrel of laughs though, will watch it asap now!