First ‘Alien: Covenant’ Set Photos Tease a Terrifying Scene

By May 22, 2016

Despite the overall okay quality of Prometheus, the additions of both an amazing cast and the returning Alien title have helped to make Alien: Covenant one of Ridley Scott’s more promising films of the past few years, after finally making a comeback in 2015 with his film adaptation of The Martian. Set to be the second installment in the Prometheus prequel trilogy, it sounds like the film could do what many had hoped Prometheus had done to the Alien franchise.

Now, as filming on Covenant is underway, following the release of the first official production photo from the project, some new set photos from the movie have hit the web that seem to tease a terrifying, almost Pompeii-esque sequence in the film.

Including what looks like a shot of dozens of burned, terrified bodies posed on a series of steps, check out all of the new set photos below (via COS):

Covenant follows a new crew of the titular ship, that happens upon a seemingly unknown planet that they initially believedto be an uncharted paradise, with only one sole inhabitant, the android David (Michael Fassbender), the only living survivor from the failed Prometheus exhibition. It’s only until too late when the crew, led by Katherine Waterston’s still mysterious character, realize that their paradise may contain unimaginable horrors.

The scene in question, that seriously looks like something pulled out of a Pompeii recreation, seems to be taking place on the steps of an alien temple of some kind, though it’s impossible to know if the fiery massacre will take place during the film, or will already have happened on the planet when the Covenant crew arrive. No doubt, Fassbender’s David will have more than a few manipulative plans up his sleeve here, but already from this photo alone, it looks like Covenant may share more in common with the horror elements of Alien than Prometheus ever did.

Alien: Covenant is set to hit theatres on August 4th, 2017.

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    Have they said how long after Prometheus the new story takes place?