First Image From Guillermo del Toro’s New Animated Series ‘Trollhunters’ Revealed

By April 6, 2016

Few filmmakers working in Hollywood today are quite as well-known and beloved for their imagination as Guillermo del Toro is. For those who pay attention to the film and geek worlds, every time a new project from the auteur comes out, it feels like an event film of some kind. Whether it actually is one like Pacific Rim, or is a smaller, but still grand gothic horror like Crimson Peak.

In addition to several other projects in development at the moment as well, the first image from del Toro’s newest Dreamworks animated series has been revealed, called Trollhunters, with the image featuring an odd duo between a young boy and a large troll.

Take a look at it for yourself below:


Set to debut on Netflix later this year, the series takes place in a fictional suburb called Arcadia, who’s residents make a shocking discovery when they realize there is a world underneath their streets even more mind-blowing and magical than the one surrounding them above ground.

Obviously, the image looks kind of like what you thought an animated Dreamworks series from Guillermo del Toro would. It’s got the same kind of magical tone and look as his other films, though it’s clearly allowing for a much younger audience to digest and watch it than some of his previous projects. With a platform like Netflix acting as its home though, and a talented and well-respected name behind it as well, Trollhunters might be a show that both adults and kids should watch out for later this year.

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  • David Johnson

    Alright I haven’t been following this closely & was worried it was a Spin-off off the Movies!!!! Its got Guillermo name on it so I’ll be watching the 1st episode For Sure. Still throw Pan Labyrinth on when I need a quiet night of the feels!!!!!!