First Look at Henry Cavill as Clark Kent From ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Set

By June 30, 2014

We’re a little under two years away from the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and we’ve already seen a first look at Ben Affleck’s new take on Batman standing in front of a newly designed Batmobile. That reveal was a lot more exciting than today’s, which shows Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent standing out in front of a sound stage on a studio lot somewhere. The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund Twitter account (via Screencrush) is the source of the photo:

And here’s a higher quality version, for the superfans out there:

Clark Kent BvS

Cavill has become an ambassador for this UK organization, which helps wounded soldiers reintegrate into civilian life, provides aid to those still serving, finances memorials, and does other work to generally provide a better life for retired and serving members of the Royal Marines and their families. He’s holding up a signed shirt that will be auctioned off to raise money, so even though this particular photo isn’t the most exciting thing we’ve seen from this film so far, at least it’s for a good cause.

Not much to chew on here other than Cavill’s Daily Planet reporter wardrobe, which we caught a brief glimpse of at the very end of Man of Steel when he joined the newspaper’s staff. I liked Man of Steel a lot more than many of my colleagues, and here’s the part where I’d normally say that I’m excited to see how Lois and Clark work together at the Planet when she already knows his secret identity, but considering this movie has Batman, Superman, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman in it (just to name a few), I doubt very seriously that there’s going to be a lot of time to delve into Lois and Clark’s working relationship. Either way, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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