First Look at Jackie Chan, John Cusack, and Adrien Brody in ‘Dragon Blade’

By December 29, 2014

How John Cusack, Jackie Chan, and Adrien Brody managed to keep this project a secret is beyond me, but they did. Now, the first trailer for the sweeping Chinese-language epic Dragon Blade has hit the internet and boy, is it epic.

According to HuffPost, Dragon Blade is one of the most expensive Chinese-language films ever made, and the premise is massively historically inaccurate (a.k.a. never happened). But, if a movie like Exodus: Gods and Kings can “burnt sienna-face” a bunch of white actors to play Egyptians (and be so historically inaccurate, it was banned by the Egyptian government), then why not Zoidberg?

ENOUGH TALK! Check this out!

Looks like good fun!

Now for the not-so-fun news: while the film has a February 2015 release date, there’s no word when it’ll come stateside. On the bright side, you probably know just as well as I do that it’ll get here sooner or later!

So what say you? Does it look fun, bad, or does it give you angry face?

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