First Look at Johnny Depp’s Ridiculous Costume in ‘Into the Woods’

By October 22, 2014

As a HUGE fan of Stephen Sondheim, I was quite cynical when I heard his Broadway hit “Into The Woods” was being made into a feature film by Disney. When it was announced that a couple important songs from the score were being omitted and Bernadette Peters wouldn’t be reprising her role as the Wicked Witch (a role she originated on Broadway), I was not a happy camper…but was kind of okay with Chris Pine being cast as one of the Prince Charmings.

Today, Entertainment Weekly released a set of four new covers that gave a first look at the cast and after looking at all four, I’m still a bit “meh” about this whole thing.


While I understand this IS a film and Johnny Depp is a huge box office draw, I wish Disney would’ve stuck with tradition and at least given the Big Bad Wolf a half mask with muzzle and teeth so that he LOOKS like a wolf, not some guy with a mustache issue.


You already know how I feel about this one: it should’ve been Bernadette.


This casting I’m totally okay with…as long as Pine is a strong tenor and can hit those notes. Rapunzel also has a Prince Charming but I’m guessing he wasn’t cool enough to be on a cover. Boo.


For those of you who’ve never heard of James Corden, I’ll point you to his show “The Wrong MANs” on Hulu as well the film One Chance and his brilliant portrayal of Paul Potts, a shy and bullied shop assistant who went on “Britain’s Got Talent” where Potts not only blew away Simon Cowell but emerged as that year’s champion. Corden has great range as both a singer and actor – I think he’ll be great as The Baker!

So far, everything looks good in this trailer but as someone who’s been in two stage productions of ITW, I’m really hard pressed to go into this film with an open mind…

I guess we’ll see when Into The Woods opens this December 25th, but I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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  • Lil Dragon

    I can’t take this movie seriously with these kinds of promo shots. It looks like a bad fairy tale based comedy.