First Look at Lumiere, The Beast, Gaston, and Cogsworth in New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Set Photos

By August 26, 2016

After Pete’s Dragon and The Jungle Book both ended up being stunning live-action adaptations for Disney this year, the studio is moving into a new age of their live-action “reimaginings” and none of their other projects quite have as much hype surrounding them as the live-action Beauty and the Beast does, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, and more.

Now, after a cryptic, but gorgeous teaser trailer and the release of a stunning poster as well, we have our first looks at the designs for some of the film’s characters including Lumiere (McGregor) and C0gsworth (Ian McKellen).

The first image comes from apparently the 25th anniversary home video release of the animated film, which is set to hit stores on September 20th, though according to producer Jack Morrisey the image itself is actually concept art, saying (via io9) “These designs are close but may not be final.”

The second and third images apparently come from the behind-the-scenes b-roll of the footage as well, which offers our first look at Luke Evans’ Gaston (in a scene that looks directly ripped from the animated film) and Dan Stevens as The Beast:

The fact that this looks so close to the animated movie, which is still arguably Disney’s finest animated achievement to date, is incredible to behold. We still don’t quite know what to expect from the musical sequences themselves, or what Stevens will look like as The Beast in cursed form, but these images are enough to keep stoking our excitement for the film at this point.

Disney is starting to hit nothing but home runs with their live-action adaptations right now, but it’s seeming more and more possible that Beauty and the Beast could be their greatest live-action achievement to date.

Beauty and the Beast is set to hit theatres on March 17th, 2017.

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