First Picture from ‘Spectre’ Set Released

By December 9, 2014

James Bond franchise fans should now officially get excited. The 24th film in the franchise, the ominously titled Spectre, began shooting yesterday at Pinewood Studios outside of London. To celebrate the occasion, the official James Bond Twitter account tweeted out a picture from the set that contains a very familiar item to fans of Skyfall. See it below.

The little ceramic bulldog, a resident of the former M’s desk, was one of the items on her desk when MI6 headquarters were attacked by Silva in Skyfall. Bond had remarked how ugly the little thing was, but when given a small box containing what she wanted the super-spy to have after her death, the little bulldog was inside. Bond took it as a message that he has to continue doing what he’s done best, and seemed to be pleased at getting the small trinket.

That little bulldog has already survived a lot, and it’ll be interesting to see it again as Bond encounters the most notorious faction that all the previous Bonds had ever faced. While only a very small glimpse of the set of the film, it also indicates that Spectre will likely be a true follow-up to the events of Skyfall, which was a momentous release in the Bond franchise: it arrived on the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the original Bond film Dr. No, it currently stands as the highest grossing film for Sony Pictures and of the Bond franchise, and is one of the single best reviewed Bond films with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92% (only outdone by From Russia With LoveGoldfingerCasino Royale, and the aforementioned Dr. No).

It’ll be a long wait for franchise fans, but you can’t stop the march of time: Spectre will be released worldwide on November 6th, 2015.

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Chris Clow
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    Less Than A Year. DAMN IT why won’t my Time Machine Work!!!!!