First Trailer for ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Takes Us Back to 2007

By June 13, 2013

Though Zack Snyder had already directed the excellent remake of Dawn of the Dead by the time 300 hit theaters, it was the stylized sword-and-sandal epic which really caused heads to turn in Hollywood. Snyder has had some hits and misses along the way and his biggest movie yet, Man of Steel, hits theaters at midnight tonight. It’s good timing, then, that Warner Bros. would choose this as the time to release a new trailer that has Snyder’s name all over it, even though he’s not actually directing it.

The new trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire has hit the internet, and it looks awfully familiar. It appears the studio really wanted to recapture the look and feel of Snyder’s 2007 surprise hit (a film which made March a relevant box office month after years of being considered dumping grounds for bad releases), and they certainly pulled out all the stops to make sure things look as familiar as possible. The addition of Eva Green is a new element, but we can’t help get the feeling that we’ve seen all these story beats done so much better since bros wandered college campuses yelling “This is Sparta!” and high-fiving each other after kicking someone in the chest. But maybe it’s just us – take a look for yourself below and sound off in the comments:

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