First Trailer for Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’ Hints at Cate Blanchett’s Powerhouse Performance

By June 7, 2013

With 48 feature film directing credits under his belt, logic would tell us the 77-year-old Woody Allen was at risk of losing steam. Not so. The wry, comedic talent certainly has his tropes and recurring subject matters, but as evident from the first trailer for his new film Blue Jasmine, his interest in the nooks and crannies of human personality continues to unearth new angles. It doesn’t hurt that he has the vicious, vivacious Cate Blanchett starring as the neurotic Allen stand-in this time around.

Blue Jasmine tells the story of Jasmine (Blanchett), the wife of a Bernie Madoff-type (Alec Baldwin) who flees New York for San Francisco after her hubby is hauled away to jail. Comfortably situated in the home of her sister (Sally Hawkins), Jasmine prepares herself for life without wealth. The new lifestyle is turbulent — an already strained relationship with her sister is put under more weight with her sister’s husband (Andrew Dice Clay) wondering why, all of a sudden, Jasmine wants back in their lives. It’s an anxiety-ridden setup that fits snugly between Allen’s darker dramas and lighter fare.

The real draw of Blue Jasmine is watching Blanchett and Hawkins spar. The two Oscar-nominated actresses are at the top of their game, and Allen serves them up biting dialogue and uncomfortable situations. This is not Midnight in Paris, but with these two leading ladies it’s screaming “Oscar potential” just as loudly.

Check out the trailer below, originally from Yahoo. Blue Jasmine arrives July 26.

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Matt Patches
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