‘The Flash’ Actress Teases Possible Season 3 Return For Patty Spivot

By September 21, 2016

As far as I’m concerned, Shantel VanSanten’s Patty Spivot was one of the bigger bright spots in The Flash‘s second season, with her chemistry opposite Grant Gustin’s not only being fun and enjoyable to watch, but also acting as a legitimately interesting and lovable civilian character amidst all of the superheroes and their sidekicks, something that I think the comic book genre has a hard time getting right a lot.

Patty’s storyline ended somewhat abruptly last season though, and while her final goodbye and acknowledgement of Barry’s identity as The Flash was well-done and melancholic in an affecting way, seeing her simply ride off on a train without returning felt odd. To say the least.

It looks like Spivot could return to the show again after all, with VanSanten recently appearing at a Heroes and Villains Fan Fest Fundraiser in Orlando and speaking with Monkeys Fighting Robots, saying the following about returning to the beloved superhero show:

“There’s a very strong possibility if everything works out.”

So it sounds like there are already talks of Patty coming back to The Flash next season, and with Barry dealing with the Flashpoint alternate reality at the beginning of this season, it’d be interesting to see how, if at all, the changes he made might have affected Patty’s life. If she does end up returning, that is.

The Flash is set to return with its third season on October 4th.

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