Freddy Krueger Reveals How He Helped Mark Hamill Get Cast as Luke Skywalker

By September 19, 2016

Sometimes, it all comes down to who you know, and in Hollywood, that seems to be the case most of the time, doesn’t it?

It turns out too, that few actors can back that up more than Mark Hamill, the actor beloved by millions for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, his very first notable role in either film or television, and one that would change his and our lives forever. Apparently, we have one of the most well known faces in horror history to thank for Hamill’s casting as the role as well.

While appearing at Oz Comic-Con recently, Englund told Force Material about how his friendship with Hamill back in the 1970s, eventually led to Hamill auditioning for the role of Luke Skywalker:

“At that time, Mark Hamill was always on my couch. He was a TV star. He was filming a TV series across the street; I think it was called The Texas Wheelers, with Gary Busey. So he was always at my place, and I knew he was home because his cowboy boots were out front. He always left his boots outside.

So there he was, halfway through a six-pack, watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I went in and I said to him, ‘Look at these sides [pages of the script], I think you’re right for this, man. This character is like a space prince, and it’s George Lucas!’

This is somewhat well known story amongst die hard Star Wars fans, but for those of you who were unaware of it, this comes at a fairly exciting time with Hamill currently in the midst of reprising his role as Skywalker in the newest Star Wars films as well, with a reportedly large role in next year’s Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Who’d have thought after all? The same man responsible for giving so many of us nightmares, could also be responsible for a number of our biggest dreams as well?

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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